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  1. IDk what appened but since the update i can play more than like 20min (before 3-4) but still frezes
  2. 3-4 minutes it crashes and i cant even close it....
  3. Louzy

    Crash during gameplay

    Same thing...... but after sometimes i can play more like before i played like 3-2 min now i can play like 10-15m and then freees
  4. Same thing i play for like 1-2 min and then it just freezes out.
  5. Louzy

    Under terrain bug

    Well idk if u know that but u can dig items when down there and if u jump the items will be whit u
  6. Louzy

    Under terrain bug

    I cant put the prints in there so i gonna put it all in here: This was the first time that it appened. And the second time i fall again but now i jump and i can come up whit items that i digged down there:
  7. Louzy

    Under terrain bug

    I was Digging a whole and i fall into it then i start trying to go up and then i just puted the contruction mode i puted some terrain under me and i just start falling to the infinit and i saw some green thing and when i was comming up i just died. And i took a print bcz it appenned again