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  1. So I did what you said @Sy1v and I uploaded my save games.
  2. And i'm fine with this at the moment. It's just one time. Not that we need to do this again every update.
  3. @Devi I know what you mean though. Not everyone can't upgrade straight away. And I was not forcing him to do so. I said "Consider" not "Upgrade your PC now"
  4. Update: It doesn't receive power unless an energy source is directly placed on the platform My answer is related to your bug. A solar panel is an energy source.
  5. I have noticed this before. U can still take off and get out of the planet in any case ^^
  6. Try to use a solar panel which can be made in your Q/I Inventory. Once you have made it u can click on it and place it on the storage spots on your device.
  7. Hey @Samrucksacks I've already posted this bug, for further information you can go to my topic
  8. @Nezu if you can't find me here's the link:
  9. @GhostForce Nice! Goodluck with the game. But keep in mind after a few buildings and exploration your game will lagg again!
  10. @Nezu Sure you can add me, it's just Veltox with the same profile picture
  11. I'm wondering if this option is going to be added in-game?
  12. If you reach 7-9 FPS on this game with a new save. Consider to upgrade your PC.
  13. EDIT: Explored 2 planets yesterday, FPS Drops now to 20-30 FPS.