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    Screengrab Gallery

    Here's a nice crevice to make up for the glitched one earlier.
  2. Queuebee

    Screengrab Gallery

    I love this game and the opportunity to experience it in a pre-alpha stage, this is one of many screenshots I took when chaos struck me. I love the motion blur (:
  3. Queuebee

    Savefile corrupt? Game crashes on load

    So I found out there was a backup save from 1 minute before the game crashed. These are some pictures I could take before I force quit to prevent it from overwriting the save. Looks like the habitation capsule thingy is having issues. It forms the terrain around it like water, it almost 'floats'. When I dragged the truck with the capsule on it around, the terrain wouldn't be permanently deformed.
  4. As the title says, Can't load into a save file I've been playing on flawlessly for hours. I tried to keep thethers to a minimum. At a point I think a Truck clipped through the ground and the game crashed somewhere after I lost it. Couldn't load in again after that happened. Anyone else having corrupted save files? This image is not completely related to the topic, but I wanted to share it anyways.