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  1. fidgetwidget

    Beacons more useful in caves

    I really like this idea! +1
  2. fidgetwidget

    Excited to see what my 4 year old creates!

    We are playing on the xbox, and I ran into an issue with the audio of the stream. Was also running into performance issues after as short as an hour of play - so I have been waiting for the patch. With that coming as soon as today, I will try again to get the streaming audio issue sorted out. I'll do a couple and see if moving them to a youtube channel
  3. fidgetwidget

    how do destroy buildings?

    Nope, I found it. If you press X when you have an item selected, it plops it into your backpack (if there is space for it).
  4. fidgetwidget

    Crossplat play between Windows 10 & XBL?

    That's not true at all. You just have to create an infrastructure all your own to to be able to support cross platform play. That's not Steam's fault. Steam has little reason to create a system that communicates with other platforms.
  5. Creative tools are something they have listed on their road map - so maybe some of them will make their way into the survival gameplay.
  6. fidgetwidget

    Xbox One Feature

    I think having some sub-menu option for this would be sufficient in the meantime. Like the Slimepedia in Slime Rancher. A list of all the things you can build, and a brief description of what they are for, how to make them. You could even make them only added to the pedia once you've researched it - and expand on what it says once you've made it - to reward players for their efforts
  7. As the game is now, the starting planet is super easy for anyone who knows the basic flow of the game. You can get a lithium AND a titanium in the first 30 minuets easily. Knowing why you would want a tank or battery however are not effectively explained - and I think most players would choose the inventory slots over them without knowing how useful they are. The challenge at the outset is inflated because you don't know what anything does, or where to find any of the resources you need to create what you're chasing next. Explaining a few of the games basics in a separate tutorial stage (kind of like how minecraft on consoles has) could get players who have that first free hour to try it to take the leap and buy it.
  8. fidgetwidget

    Strange Object Found. What is it? :s

    Really wish you left this a mystery - would have been fun to speculate more
  9. fidgetwidget

    how do destroy buildings?

    Is there a Shift Click like behaviour on the xbox? Might be a good thing to add to the instructions page.
  10. I really think the solution here is to communicate this fact better to the player. It's why I think giving the player a beacon at the outset that puts in their path a fallen backpack with a couple items like these to let them know what kinds of things a player might want to have on them as they explore. Maybe you're given a beacon to find a crash site that gives the player a pop up tutorial screen along the way in a comic book style (with no text) - Landing: show the beacon, show that there is a crash site there, and that there is something useful to find there. - Crash Site: an astroneers backpack with a battery and tank, a research item, wishing you had a rover - Back at the habitat: Building nodes and structure platforms. Build a research station to research the item you found at the crash site. Of course these things could be optional and skipped if the player wants to, but having them could really help new players.
  11. I think a solution to both problems is being able to slow down the deform tools existing functions a few different ways. Making the tool affect a larger area, but at a much slower rate is another thing some have asked for. So maybe just being able to adjust the area, speed, and function of the tool would give you better control when you need it.
  12. fidgetwidget

    Portable research station

    I think being able to take the machine of any structure and attach it to a truck with the crane would make for an interesting mechanic.
  13. Neat! I think anything but power going there is a bug... I know in interviews, they have always said there are 8 slots on your backpack for stuff. This would like that 10.
  14. The slots that power generators go? Not any of the 8 storage slots, they are above and outside of those.
  15. Yep, but the side slots would act like the top ones in that they would be restricted to certain items. It would give the player a couple slots to upgrade their pack with, without tanking up storage which is at such a premium.