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  1. I was playing astroneer for about 7.5 hours today. After I decided to stop I selected to quit to desktop from the main menu and noticed that astroneer hadn't actually exited. Astro.exe and it's child process Astro-Win64-Shipping.exe are still in memory although appear complete idle as they are not using any cpu cycles. Killing Astro-Win64-Shipping.exe allows it all to exit and releases the file locks on the log file (which is now 1.54GB btw). If you would like to see what could be causing this problem, and others that are logged, I can provide you this log file.
  2. I just got v196 and when I select "Play ASTRONEER (Windowed)" the game starts as full screen. Going into the options doesn't allow me to make changes either since the only display resolution is 3440x1440 which doesn't work quiet right for this game as it clips on a 16:10 monitor setup.
  3. When playing the game on an ultra wide display (3440x1440) the start screen has the text below the save slots cropped. Steam version