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  1. I was excited to drive my brand-new car, but right as I loaded it up it started giving me all this attitude, and then it had the gall to drive right off without me! What nerve! Video [0:20s]: Specs: Steam, Windows 10, i7-2600, GTX 1060 6GB.
  2. "So don't use it' is a stupid response that is totally ignorant of the crux of the actual problem. That this game isn't competitive doesn't matter whatsoever. It's not about being "overpowered" or having "self-control." 'Doing whatever you want' makes this not a game but a simulation without the rewards of playing towards a goal. You're an astronaut that has various survival needs on an unexplored planet. You have to interact with various unknown mechanics in order to acquire resources to advance your base and increase your capabilities. The game is about problem solving - being logi
  3. I have experienced this issue mostly in multiplayer, as a guest to a friend hosting a game. Sometimes (not all the time), when I try to pick up a Tether that I did not originally place, attempting to put it in my Backpack just has it disappear. I think this bug occurs more often when returning to a Tether from a long distance. Specs: Windows 10, Steam, i7-2600, GTX 1060 6GB.
  4. I have experienced similar issues with the Trade Platform, as a guest in a game hosted by my friend (Steam). I can use it once, and the delivery leaves... though I never see it return. The Platform eventually becomes available for use but there is no ship or materials visible / clickable. The host can use it as normal but I can never see the ship again until I walk far away enough to remove the base from my draw distance, and then return. Seeing as Trade Platforms are a vital workstation to base development, I very much hope this is a priority fix. If it worked as intended, multiplayer ga
  5. The combination of Trade Platform / Fuel Condenser quickly changes the game from a survival mode to a god mode game - psychologically, there is removed incentive towards exploring and mining new materials if everything can be created in-base. What need is there to explore new caves, areas, and planets, if you can have all the resources at home? (Yes, I understand you can for fun, but in my opinion building is much more rewarding in a 'survival mode' than a 'creative mode' and the enjoyment of these activities is reduced if infinite resources are made available in the very same game mode). It's
  6. This happened to me as well. Would be good if the Smelter would, while processing, disallow placing new Ore into its work area.
  7. I have experienced a bug where upon returning to my base from a long trip, tethers will be placed in a slightly different spot from before. This means if the tether was at maximum distance, it might spawn out of distance thus breaking the line. Therefore I suggest always leaving a slight slack between tether points to help prevent this from happening. Also I have experienced another bug where, after loading a save, tethers near home base (perhaps too near the workstations) disappear, thus breaking the tether line. In case this happens to you, I suggest stopping your play sessions nearby y
  8. Hello. I own the Steam version of Astroneer and am enjoying my experience. However, I am experiencing a bug where when I load my save game, my astronaut will not be tethered to the line and will suffocate. I can place a new tether and it will continue the line, however I still will not be connected to it. The line is colored as if to indicate it is receiving power and oxygen, but it is in fact not. Running back to base, I find that some tethers have disappeared, breaking the line from the base. So I guess this is a couple of bugs: 1) tethers disappear near base, and 2) a broken tether line sti