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  1. Mutliple times now my large rover has clipped into the ground and as a try to dig it out it just continues to clip into the ground under it . Happened once as i was driving i hit a pebble and the truck flipped over clipping into ground only showing tires. Another time as the game loaded it just sank into the floor. Im on xbox
  2. Has anyone on xbox got the update yet?
  3. Im actually excited to play
  4. Hyoden

    Change drill

    The drill crane combo just doesn't work properly.. at least on xbox. I much rather use the terrain tool with mods becuase it has better control. It's would be nice if the drill was replaced with a bigger version of the terrain tool.
  5. I was thinking of something similar. Only problem I can think of is making sure the path is open enough to make sure the trolley or train can travel smoothly. One thing I can think of is adding a drill option to the front of it so it can drill a clear path. Also the idea of having the magnetic post seems a bit tricky to implement. (Maybe I'm wrong). If it is the tethers would work great as a track. Possibly a separate type of tethers with different colors that have to be researched as well . That way the train wouldn't get confused as to which track to follow Obviously the train carts should be a research item and use up power . Awesome idea and it would add something more to do in game
  6. It's just not working the way it would on Pc. controls need to be redone. Over all inaccurate moves whenever it feels along with camera
  7. It's just not working the way it would on Pc. controls need to be redone. Over all inaccurate moves whenever it feels along with camera
  8. Hyoden

    Xbox Patch, Good/Bad?

    Fps has been reduced but the more developed your base the lag comes back.
  9. I don't think it should be nerf it anymore until there is a fix for horrible fps. Especially on console.! I used the trade station to progress through the game and test a few things then start a new file becuase on console after your first base you might as well start over due to loss of frames. And that's without use of tethers. If it's nerfed anymore. I'll be forced to tether up and play through massive frame lag just to go and get a few things. Literally take hours on a base playing through lag and have the file disappear after my first log off? At least with the old trade center I didn't have to worry to much about restarting from scratch becuase I could remake somewhat quickly. Yes it is op. Yes it should be changed but not right now. We should be focusing on game breaking lag instead of values of fuel canisters that actually provide a way around lagwall so people can actually test.
  10. Hyoden


    Worth the $20, even in early alpha phase. Give us alpha tester suits =)
  11. I put the drill on both the crane and front of the truck but it won't work. The drill spins but it acts as if there is a barrier stopping it from going into terrain.