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  1. (This). It's in the early stages now and multiplayer isn't what it will be in the end result. Hosting your own server will be far more flexible than simply connecting to a friend through Steam now. Especially if you do it right with a proper machine.
  2. Have you checked your mouse speed in control panel? Acceleration may have something to do with this problem.
  3. I'm sure you've all experienced the strong storms that will kill you if you stay outside. I've noticed a couple of things that are kind of irritating while trying to evade them on foot. 1. You can still take off / land while in a shuttle or spaceship. 2. You can still send & receive from the trade platform while these storms are active. This makes no sense and I'm sure they're working on this among many other things, but I just thought I would throw it out there that this shouldn't be possible while these raging storms are in progress.
  4. Or you could plan ahead and try a large central hub like I'm doing in my new game It's a little costly, but worth it.
  5. I tried the winch too, it's like a collision mesh error or like you said a physics lock.
  6. My steam name is the same as my Forum name, add me if you wish. The next few days should prove hectic however and I am unsure if I will be on lol.
  7. I was just messaging Skully telling him how hard this made me laugh, but it's still a great idea lol. I wouldn't mind Zip Lines at all
  8. Thank you! I do too. I really hope it comes to fruition! It would be a nice escape from the inclement and incessant weather down in the biomes (bioms?). I love sandbox games, but VERY few have been doing the whole space thing. While I still appreciate the immersion in Astroneer, I hope they stick to true science as much as possible. I say this because when I operate a shuttle or a spaceship while in orbit I hear the engines... I loved Star Wars as a kid, and still love it today; once you learn the truth about science as a whole, it's that much harder to enjoy your favorite movies.
  9. Filters replenish your o₂ when it's out, maybe the gas zaps all your oxygen?
  10. This happens to me all the time, jumping seems to stop it every single time until they work on the coding for it a bit more. It's actually kind of useful if you're in a situation where your O₂ is running low and you need to hurry up lol.
  11. It would be pretty neat to see it used as some sort of shielding later on. Hematite is harder than traditional iron irl and is usually the result of some volcanic activity.
  12. That is an excellent point, I mean yea you have a space station but unless it does more than just sit there there's little point to keep it going. Maybe it could lead to more research and more unlocks. Maybe you can only build certain ships or modules once you have it established. Maybe if it crashes to the planet it could even be part of a secret (well, obviously not so secret) mission or side quest that ends up uncovering and discovering some underground ruins with alien tech, or maybe even a star chart leading to a destination with promises of wealth and technology way more advanced than ou
  13. Hmm, yeah that's a tough call. Or maybe if you had it built up enough, it could use solar panels to power a fuel condenser so that it would never truly decay in orbit. Until you built it up to that point, maybe it could be possible to have it crash and burn. Then you could go find the wreckage on the planet below and salvage materials lol!
  14. PC/Steam Keyboard/Mouse I tried to head back to an Exotic planet to farm more resources, and when I went to look for the beacon I placed at the LZ it wasn't anywhere to be found. When I zoomed back out I had noticed the beacons were glitched/bugged out and below the actual planet.
  15. Yeah I've had that happen too, also don't raise terrain you're standing on the same thing will happen. I found that out the hard way myself.