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  1. I am not sure whether to call this a suggestion or a bug or both. I decided to post it here as it was my original intent to do so. In my own opinion, I believe tethers should be turned off within the character's inventory (or when the stack is on the ground), as it is not connected to the base like the play may or may not be. Also, when trying to give a screenshot with a non-full stack of tethers, I have noticed they have different textures on the tethers themselves and not lit like I thought it up should have been. So what do you guys think, should we have our tethers black like the older textures or should we have them light up in as a stack? Since it doesn't have any power or oxygen in them innately, I would say the latter doesn't make as much sense in this case.
  2. I am kind of mixed about this idea, tech trees are common in quite a lot of games already. Although, I do feel learning by pods from the ground is not a good thing for the game to have either. I think only time will tell what may happen. You have a good idea, don't get me wrong, but I just feel there are already enough games with tech trees.
  3. Really? That much has changed since I last played? I should definitely give the game a more in-depth try again.
  4. This topic was made during the pre-alpha version 0.3.10155.0, or simply "155". You know, I have been thinking, having two small solar panels on a platform looks kind of funky. (For those of you wondering, yes, solar panels do work on your space pod and does produce power. I suppose solar panels can look better there as well, since it does clip inside the space pod.) What if there was the ability to have these two solar panels combine together to make one big solar panel? (One that is different from the other, and also less efficient than it as well.) The reason why I feel there should be a combinable solar panel is because having two small ones on a platform does not look the best. Why? Well, each one clips inside each other. Notice how these are clipping, such as the one in the foreground, these are intersecting not only the solar panel itself but also the framework of the solar panel. If the user were to remove the combine-able solar panel, it should either give them the original solar panel section and keep the other one on the platform or the new combine-able solar panel itself. Note: Other forms of power generation as well can also apply here, I used solar panels as an example. That is mostly because these solar panels are the easiest to obtain at the start of the current state of the game. Any power generation that usually only takes up one slot on a platform applies to what I am suggesting here too. To Summarize: I feel that basic solar panels and other power generation that takes up one space should combine with each other, if connected to a platform. If this power generation were to exist, it should produce twice the output of what one basic power generator would produce. I also feel that despite being twice as powerful as one power generator, it should still be less powerful than it's advanced counterpart. If this power generation were to exist, it should also able to picked up by the user. This could either be picked up as the newly combined power generation or one of the original pieces that has been placed down to create said power combined power generation, all while leaving the other original piece on the platform until the user wishes to pick it up also. Hopefully this wasn't a lot to take in, I am curious all of you think of this idea of mine!
  5. This has certainly been an issue for me still as well. Hopefully this will get resolved someday. ^..^
  6. Happy birthday! ^..^

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      Thank you!! Sorry I didn't see this earlier :P.

  7. Ah? Well then me and you have completely opposite thoughts! I enjoy having been told little about the game and explore and find out what things are for myself. In game information would be helpful, but how that would be implemented would be a discussion that would take all night! It's a good thought! And I'd say there will be some adjustments to the nearly non-existent tutorial they have currently. In time things will change, and all of us here can help make that change, given the right amount of push!
  8. I bet this will be a feature later on. But, I can agree with you that this needs to be a feature sooner than later... I have bug tested a world and I now I backlog my save files even more than I already have. Not to mention I have a world that is completely unusable due to a bug crashing the game constantly. I have submitted a crash report a few time regarding this, but, none of the less. The sooner this gets implemented there will be one less thing to get off of System Era chest!
  9. It's not a bad idea, but in my own personal opinion I enjoy the minimalism this game has currently. Perhaps the book could be some kind of futuristic book that pertains to a tablet but in a much thinner appearance, and the book could be obtainable or crafted with certain resources. It shouldn't be yet another key to add unless if you have the book on you, I think having the option to have the book or not seems like a fitting choice to me!
  10. Ah, I understand where you are getting at, a lot of this could be pretty difficult to implement, especially with all the details I mentioned. You did broke some of it down and I agree that would be easier to implement it that way. Perhaps it may be too much, it was simply an idea! Thank you for your input none of the less.
  11. All of this isn't permanent-- unless if you die from it of course (even then, it still isn't permanent, as you can respawn)! I think the thunder/electric storm should spawn around that amount. Though simply hitting you at 2/10 chance that is REALLY high, and isn't exactly realistic, unless if you were the tallest thing in the given location of the lightning strike, then the percentage is more alright. Perhaps I am being quite headstrong, but I could have sworn I said most of this?
  12. The entire point isn't to create even more trouble here, but to stop others from creating more tension in this topic than there already is.
  13. Can we all just stop arguing... This was a simple idea from one person and it spread into a heated argument... What does this prove? Let's just move on from this and go back to discussing the details in a constructive manner... After all, this forum here was to give an idea and provide the developers feedback and possibly implementation of that idea. Remember, constructive criticism is much different than arguing. I would say that arguing certainly occurred here. I personally feel that the uni-sex idea/implementation is the best approach, while having female astronauts is not a bad idea, I also agree that gender neutrality is the best bet for a game that has gender down at the bottom of the list (as in, gender has no influence on the game play). If details like strength, agility, stamina, ect. were a factor, then that would be a different story, and having the ability to adjust the gender and the muscularity of that character would be important. It's not, and that's not the focus of the game. Hopefully we can just move on from all of this (this as in a heated discussion) and prevent any further problems...