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    Is the Lunar Lander Staying?

    Oooh, I do hope this is so. You'll see the signs for light years... "See the Historic Lunar Lander!" ... "Thrilling Space Mystery Marble Race Track!" ... "Marvel at the Giant Space Fish Made of Solar Panels!" ... "Almost There, Next Lunar Orbit!!" Thanks.
  2. I loaded up Astroneer for the first time in a while, and raced off to the moon to see the nifty celebratory lander. After finding it, taking a cute picture.. I did wonder: will it disappear after the end of August, or is that just the time limit to get the skins for finding it? I wonder, because I feel vaguely compelled to set up a tourist trap/ museum of strange things around it, but won't bother if it is just going to vanish. Same with the fireworks, do I need to collect them all now? If I collect them, can I save them to shoot off later, or should I shoot them all off now because they'll vanish? Anyhow, was fun, and I hope the lander sticks around.. I need it for my space tourism plans!
  3. I love the holiday tether lights. Is there any way we could make controllable color filters on the tethers a thing? It would be an amazing way to mark my tether paths so I don't get lost on my travels. Seems like it could be a neat little thing to eat up research.
  4. I also left my rover parked while I went about making a proper road for it. Imagine my surprise when I turned around to see it floating upside down in the air. I walked back over to it, and it fell to the ground, but was flipped over. I could press tab, and cause it to flip again. I did this over and over from different angles till finally it righted itself. The rover had a driver's seat, medium storage, and small generator plugged into it. It also was carrying various supplies in the storage, and a big research thingy. 182 - steam windows 10 version.
  5. Summary: 125 - Steam - Terrain Changes around Base not showing up till I walked around to them. Description: When I loaded a save game where I'd saved out from a habitat on the surface of barren, I was horrified to discover flat land all around me when I'd built a wall and tunnel from where my ship is parked. Ducking the dangerous spiked balls, I ran from the habitat to a nearby natural cave that connects to the underground portion of the base I'd made. I followed the tunnels, and nothing seemed amiss. I walked around, and back up onto the surface using the tunnel I'd built (but did not appear to be there earlier) and there was my wall. Everything then was normal. All the modules and connectors I'd built were there, but the terrain not, until I walked around the back way into it. I then popped back into my habitat, saved and exited. I reloaded, and again saw flat terrain all around me. I jumped out of the habitat, and spun the camera about, and my wall and tunnels appeared. When I get back into my habitat, I see my wall just fine. Weird! Spooky! Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 125 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home CPU: Intel i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 RAM: 8.00 GB Corsair DDR4 Drive: PNY CS2211 480GB SSD
  6. Tunacarp

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    Egads, my Tundra world had been split in four quarters for a time, but fixed itself. However, with this present (windows, steam) patch, it was split in four again today when I viewed it from my Terran homeworld. I decided to fly on up and see what happens, but when I appeared in orbit, it was glued back together into a proper sphere again. The little base I had previously built there was fine. Everything normal. When I left for another planet, it split into four quarters again.
  7. Tunacarp

    Crane - Tether Crazyness

    I'm pleased to report that with the latest patch, the giant solar panel is no longer stuck. Yay!
  8. Tunacarp

    Wind Vane misnamed

    The wind vane confused me as to its purpose because of its poorly named name when I first started.
  9. Tunacarp

    Crane - Tether Crazyness

    Oh hey! This is very similar to the problem I'm having presently. I towed a giant solar panel, dragging it back to base. I had a horrible time trying to position it, as it kept wanting to rest with the connection face down on the ground. I managed to get it tipped up a little, and decided to try it, even if it was mostly facing downwards. It doesn't charge a battery, or send power to the truck, or seem to send power through the truck to the station while facing like this. So I decided I'd get out the winch and try to tow it around and get it facing upright, only I couldn't move the thing! Even crashing the truck into it doesn't budge it. I dug out all around the bottom of it, and it doesn't obey gravity anymore and fall, either. It is completely, totally stuck into place. The only thing I can think of is when I first connected it to see if it would work, I had extended the base out a bit towards it. Visually it doesn't look connected to the black base base, but it is pretty close, and maybe it just counts it as stuck in the base? I hope it gets itself unstuck, I've been leaving it with the dirt dug out underneath it, waiting to see if it'll fall and be mobile again.
  10. Tunacarp

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    My tundra world looks like this, too! Windows 10 pc, from steam. I've never gone to it or anything to see what will happen. I think I first noticed the broken planet a couple days ago, and it is still in quarters today.
  11. I'm using a win 10 pc, Steam version of the game. When I loaded my game, my truck was oddly flipped over. I could see it coming to rest as I loaded in. It had been parked on a slight incline, and attached to the big solar panel wreckage and my base when I last saved and quit out.
  12. Tunacarp

    More Color/Look Options?

    Similar to this, I would love to be able to research dyes and a 'paint gun' to paint my structures and vehicles and Astroneer suit. Painting the terrain around my base would be fun, too! Going forth to strange new worlds to bring back 'cobalt' blue and 'cadmium' red would be totally my kinda thing. ...I already of a ton of titanium to make titanium white.
  13. I'd like a base expansion that can work as a flight computer station that can tell me when the planets are aligned ..er which ones are currently in range. I mean, it is kinda neat to keep an eye on the sky to see for yourself, but... heck if I remember to do that when I get the itch to drop off more resin on that one far away exotic world right now!
  14. I confess to wanting a steamroller, (or a sci fi futuristic equivalent) to help me with my inability to make flat surfaces. So yes, I've wanted the same sort of thing to upgrade the truck. vrooom.
  15. I'm using a windows 10 pc with the game through steam. Twice now I've fallen through the world after expanding my station (you know, using a resin to make a new expansion spoke). Both times I was standing very close to where it built out to, and also I was coaxing the expansion down a somewhat steep grade. It was just expanding out the hub nub, not making a workstation. The first time I did it, my astroneer fell to her doom in a cave below the station. I was amused to discover that it was a cave I'd been exploring and mining earlier! I had no idea it went right under my home! Getting my corpse was an easy trip through known territory then. The other time was on a new, unexplored planet, and I decided it wasn't worth the danger to try to dig down and find the cave. That episode seemed to be a much longer, weirder, through the earth fall anyhow.