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  1. Controller, Xbox. Basically I was driving my rover and started floating up and then I got to the point where I left the planet Terran and I'm currently floating in space and when I tried exiting my vehicle I fell for a good minute and then the game crashed. I also have plenty of game clips and screenshots of this as well.
  2. ShortRound

    How do I...?

    Hey thanks for the link, I'll make sure to use that if I come across something else
  3. Will there be something added into the game for iron? I found it and smelted it but I cannot seem to find anything that requires iron, I also believe I have researched everything but I may not have.
  4. ShortRound

    How do I...?

    What is iron for? I recently found some on the exotic planet and I have smelted it and cannot find a use for it.
  5. Delete Saves option i have experimented with a lot of different saves and I am done with those saves and I have tried deleting the save data for the game but that does not work please add in a delete save button so that everyone can delete an old save
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    How do I...?

    Yeah I'm having trouble with the ones that spike you I tried burying them too but you have to go pretty far down otherwise their spikes can still reach you
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    How do I...?

    Is there any way to get rid of plants? I constantly get killed by them and haven't found a way yet. Please help.