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  1. I too have this issue. It seems to happen when get out of the tractor and it's wheels are off-center. Try making sure to stop before you jump out.
  2. Each time I open Astroneer, it opens on my left-most monitor (of 3) rather than my center, primary monitor. It's easy enough to move it back to the center with ALT-SHIFT-RIGHT, however my left monitor is 1080x1920 (vertically positioned) and depending on when during the game launch I move it over, sometimes I'm required to press ALT-ENTER to fully-restore the game to fullscreen due to the resolution change to 1920x1080 (from 1080x1920). What's most annoying is hitting ALT-ENTER on the main menu screen causes a new game to launch. I've done this multiple times now trying to fix my monitor and it's getting reaaaaal annoying. It's totally my fault, but it'd be cool if Astroneer opened on my primary monitor.
  3. This highlights how fall damage could use some tweaking. It shouldn't be based on distance, but rather speed at time of impact. Great pics! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Interestingly, the trade platform re-appeared for me (as a client in multiplayer) and was usable, before then again disappearing.
  5. There's no Save message either when entering the base/vehicles (as the client)
  6. As a client (Steam, PC) the trade platform has come back but the object itself hasn't. I can't click on the things the platform was sent off to trade for.
  7. As a client (Steam, PC) I'm not receiving the message indicating what is being researched.
  8. Confirmed. This here just nuked my game from yesterday.
  9. UPDATE: Thought I'd load the game again and see if I could remove some stuff... That's when the cause became known to me. This happened because of the Habitat bug. My game had saved with a habitat strapped to the back of the truck, ready to be driven out somewhere far for a new base start up. Upon re-entering the game, the base was DEPLOYED but still attached to the truck... I concluded this based on how the base extension was moving around as it flipped by me and how I could remove some parts, but not the habitat. Hope that's helpful!
  10. Looks like a dupe of the Merged Truck topic, but here's a video in case anyone needed one. 2016-12-21_17-59-52.flv
  11. Crossed wires on my part; I thought you were meaning that you couldn't predict upcoming weather without satellites, which you could do with Radar, is all.
  12. This is mostly true and I agree. Once again, agreed. Disagree. We're in SPACE. Technology is required, leading to the last quote: Radar != GPS. Think of a circle with a spinning line that blips dots for a moment; not the entirety of the spin, adding difficulty, as it wouldn't be a map, persay, but a representation of the base, a mineral deposit, or perhaps an oncoming cloud storm. It doesn't have to be fancy to fit within the game's context; I'm not talkin' "show me everything everywhere" (or maybe with upgrades?) but it's not unreasonable to have some kind of pulse emitted from a backpack upgrade that provides some kind of reflective signal-send-return based radar. No satellites required. I'm all for satellites though. Make the radar sketchy so it gets better as you launch more... So many ways to implement that! Or maybe I've spent too much time playing KSP?
  13. Backpack radar should also provide some kind of sandstorm-awareness/radar.