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  1. Can confirm this as well.
  2. Malaki202

    Disappearing Tethers

    Steam mouse keyboard I have also had this issue where either tethers will randomly disconnect and i have to pick it up again and set it down to get it to connect again. Also with the disappearing tethers as well.
  3. Malaki202

    Issue with vehicles (single player)

    Just figured out this issue goes away if you quit to desktop and reload the game.
  4. Malaki202

    Issue with vehicles (single player)

    No sir that is pretty crazy though on mine its just the rover by itself flipping through the air uncontrollably. There is no grey piece attached to it.
  5. Steam copy Mouse keyboard Specs run the game fine so dont think youll need them. What happened was i had a truck with rover attached with storage on all slots but the seat i was driving with. Tried to make a land bridge and fell through the map by trying to level terrain i was standing on and died. Collected enough resources to build another rover to get back to my truck but when i try to get in the rover its starts going CRAZY! It will start flipping through the air and it is completely undriveable and funny as hell lol. So now i have no way to get back to my truck.