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  1. You are looking to invent the perpetual motion machine, which cannot function due to the Laws of Thermodynamics. Granted, this is just a game, but I think they are aiming for a bit more realism than would be implied by your suggestion. Free energy: tanstaafl!
  2. sTiVo

    Astroneer just closed

    I have had this crashing issue as well (not yet on 0.9.0, though) and reported it. No rhyme or reason as to the circumstances, other than shift-clicking a tether.
  3. +1! I would very much like to choose my starting base location.
  4. sTiVo

    Don´t forget the Mac

    It's what a flasher wears.
  5. sTiVo

    Hunter and Pray

    You might PRAY if you were the PREY.... 😋
  6. sTiVo

    Hotkey interaction varies among items

    Also, alt-click and control-click do no work universally, either.
  7. sTiVo

    Wireless power

    LOL So sayeth the shepherd....
  8. sTiVo

    Sixpack Storage

    The seat can be attached at the front, which I do, but I might find it somewhat disorienting in real life! 😖
  9. sTiVo

    Conveyor belt

    End game item, I think, but I can see doing it from the beginning as well. Conveyors, rails, mine carts: something to provide some automation of various tasks would be appreciated.
  10. sTiVo

    Soil tank for vehicles.

    Maybe we saw this in the E3 trailer...? There was a item that looked like one of the tech research items, but twice as wide.
  11. sTiVo

    Unify canisters and oxygen tanks

    Yes, I was thinking this while reading: there is already "versatility" between soil and fuel, why not add oxygen to the choices? I agree that the current canister would hold less than the current oxygen tank, based upon pressure considerations, but would the fuel not be under pressure, as well?
  12. sTiVo

    New Medium Battery Indicator

    Changing color: +1
  13. sTiVo

    Generators waste too much fuel

    Currently, there are keys to toggle the state of devices attached to your rovers: Z and X on the keyboard (same as for rotation, I think). Other than the buggy, these correspond to front and back; with the buggy it is left and right. I have seen videos of thrusters being powered on and off in this fashion, and have personally used it with generators. I will say it would be nice not to have to mount them on the front/back, but meh.
  14. sTiVo

    Improved Compass Functionality

    On-screen persistent compass: an item to research and have in your backpack makes sense to me. Turning it off is merely removing it from the backpack. Maps would make the game too easy; getting lost is part of it. Mind, later game developments would be welcome in terms of allowing some kind of map, but not from the outset.