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  1. you can already make an underground base if you dig out a cave and put a new habitat in it, or just expand your current base underground
  2. simple, you cant unlock printable stuff without having unlocked the printer, cant unlock vehicle stuff until you have unlocked the vehicle bay.
  3. would be interesting to have a big goofy beetle that tumbles around and rolls a research pod like a dung ball. less common furry, hairy land animals and more stuff like insects or marine life.
  4. thruster - what makes the rocket go up fuel tank - round the size of a research pod, stores hydrazine or other fuel connectors - from 2/3 way converter for more thrusters and tanks to be added space shuttle/pod - what the pilot sits in launchpad - where the built rocket is fuelled and launched crawler - big forklift like vehicle with tank treads and a grabber for building and or moving rockets OR grabber attachment for the crane for moving and connecting rocket parts, as well as other large modules imagine the rocket building system in kerbal space pro
  5. Could make it so the player hops out onto the top of the seat.
  6. I've seen those. they remind me of barnacles from half-life, but they don't grab the player with their dangling thing. though i think i saw one grabbing a plant below it.
  7. I think the spaceship should be bigger, and have its own storage block (the vehicle storage block looks clunky and weird on the spaceship), and by bigger, i mean 2 levels of equal size (refer to image). the top level is for seats, and the lower level for the unique storage modules that have areas with double-connectors for items, and hatches that close when flying, protecting stored goods. these unique storage modules would be the only kind able to be put on the spaceship, and the lander would only be able to have seats on it (so its just a lander and not a transport ship). the spaceship would
  8. i think to solve the problem of navigation, there should be a large beacon made at the printer, that is the same as the regular beacon, but the "flag" reaches as high as the habitat's, and it appears on the compass. it would cost something like 2 copper or aluminium.
  9. i think its just junk. maybe in the future you'll be ably to recycle it into usable materials.
  10. creepy creatures of the night to deter explorers from wandering in the dark.
  11. i think infinite oxygen from your base is OK. but it shouldn't be infinite from your rover (it would have an oxygen tank on it that can be filled) and there should be a limit to the number of tethers between the end of the tether line and the oxygen source. eg: after something like 20 tethers, oxygen will no longer be provided to any additional tethers attached to the line.
  12. I think tethers should have a holographic arrow indicating the way to where the tethers are getting oxygen from along the tether line.
  13. the trade platform should become a delivery platform to send things between bases/planets. and if/when automation is added, you could request items from another base and the items will be autonomously transferred onto the rocket to be sent to you or any base.
  14. i would be interested in playing some astroneer with ya. tho i'm in Australia, so the time difference may be a problem.
  15. its a grey throbbing blod with a yellow "eye" and a long string thing that has a red tip. whenever i try to dig it up it squeals and goes into the ground. i found it in a cave in the exotic planet.