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  1. underwurldchris

    FPS Save Question/Issue

    I have tried several things and I cannot get my FPS above 12 (gfx card settings, switching off sound in game, lower res etc.). Also the latest patch has created a whole load of 'cracks' and gaps in my world (around 30 hours play visited different planets, building several bases and putting down hundreds of tethers etc.) so I will probably start again anyway. This is a great game but a few big problems... Sorry I can't help.
  2. underwurldchris

    Old Worlds Have Cracked Grounds

    I have the same problem. As my main saved world reduces the game's FPS to around 10-12, I'm going to start again from scratch anyway... The wonderful world of early access and alpha gaming. This is still great game btw and I guess backward compatibility is not a priority.
  3. underwurldchris

    Big Solar panels - how to use one?

    Thanks all. I already built up the terrain around it so it doesn't move. It keeps disconnecting from the rover tho... must be a bug?
  4. underwurldchris

    Big Solar panels - how to use one?

    Ok so I dragged this back to base... now what do I do? It seems to have a connector and is generating solar power but I can't connect it to my base
  5. underwurldchris

    No to hunger

    I like the idea of 'mental state' like in Don't Starve (Together)... Might get a bit weird though.
  6. underwurldchris

    37 hours into the game, and I just discovered...

    Yes, they have their own power and air supplies too I've only just discovered that you can build platforms from spacecraft... I've been transporting Habitats around.
  7. underwurldchris

    Multiplayer needs PvP and PvE

    No thanks to PVP. I would like some more PVE though: more plants, alien life, monsters, rogue space travellers etc. But I guess the game should be more about exploration, science and base-building than combat - with some survival concepts. Hunger and thirst would get annoying and be a logistical challenge - maybe make this optional for those that want to add this to their games.
  8. underwurldchris

    [STEAM] Performance drops

    -nosound did not work for me either. Hope this is fixed soon.
  9. underwurldchris

    New to game

    This is a good start...
  10. I've had a framerate of 10-20, mainly on Terran since about 2 hours in (not ~12 hours of total play), before I went to other planets etc. I think this is a general problem caused by bases, tethers and terrain mods - unless anyone can tell me otherwise. The game is still playable but gets very slow at times with lots happening, and I want to try a lower resolution to see if it improves. I really like this game and hope the devs address the fps issues people are getting. On PC btw. Similar spec machine but 16GB RAM.
  11. underwurldchris

    Framerate with high resolution

    Frame rate is a big issue, sadly... I'm only getting 10-20 around my base with lots happening. I hope the devs sort it soon.
  12. underwurldchris

    Strangest landing pad on a planet...?

  13. This one has to be up there... Landed on a floating blob with something very strange attached...
  14. Still liking Astroneer a lot. Huge potential, fun and quirky.