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  1. Eronir

    Update 0.9.2 - August 6th 2018

    I don't understand why early access players are used to testing only minor rework or corrections rather than major changes to the core of the game. Field 2.0 should be tested rather than the change on the rover or the rebreather, which are mechanics that can wait a long time. Why is priority given to secondary features and post launch fixes rather than fundamentals? Why do I feel we are being thrown away with crumbs of content just to make it look like it's coming along? The big change is for December, as well as we have had a hollow year and 2 years of rework without real deep news and we will have a buggy launch seen that everything will land at that time. I feel like we're pretending to get involved. The content of the year will be summarized in a handful of hours of play, I always feel to have the same content as launch. There is still little point in getting back on the game right now.
  2. Eronir

    when is the next update due?

    I also find that devellopement bogs down a bit. For me he has too much time to change the little that already exists rather than enrich. The mechanics will have all the time to be reviewed later. Since early access the bulk of the update has been retrieving things that are not always fundamental. As there for example the rover, it could not wait? Terrain 2.0 is the most important, there is nothing to explore spend 15 hours of play and we are in this state soon for 1 year. The only real advance will be to slow down the player's progress to extend the life. All this is a pity this game has a huge potential. Sorry for my english, i'm french I will add, currently there are too many useless items or that are there only because they have an original design. But we do not use them because they have no practicality at stake (I think of various storage). Why waste time creating content that is not? After I realize that some mechanics are necessary for the future and that my post is not very nice, but, do not misunderstand me, I love the game and I wish it succeeds.
  3. Hello, Can you put a writing tchat in game please, for no-voice players? We must be use Steam tchat and is not easy for play with him. Thanks!
  4. Eronir

    Communauté Francophone par ICI

    C'est peut être Ctrl au lieu de shift, je sais plus faut regarder les contrôles je le fait machinalement maintenant.
  5. Eronir

    Communauté Francophone par ICI

    Salut et bonne année à tous! Alors moi j'ai pas encore trouver l'Astronium mais j'ai trouver le minerai de fer: l'Hématite. Mais aucune utilité semble il. J'ai aussi trouver le réacteur, mais il ne sert pas. J'ai également résolu le puzzle game sur les satellites enfouis, sympa j'espère qu'il y en aura beaucoup d'autre ainsi. Je pense avoir pas mal fait le tour du découvrable du coup, j'espère que la prochaine maj vas apporter de nouvelles mécaniques. @Tortue: Pour le sol plat il me semble qui faut maintenir shift sur une surface et étirée celle ci vers la direction que tu désire, ça à pour effet de mettre à niveau la zone choisie.
  6. The fuel should be manufactured from hydrazine as the aliminuim from the laterite. Simple and esay
  7. Eronir

    Communauté Francophone par ICI

    Salut, pareil Eronir sur steam. Le mode coop ce lance depuis steam en faisant rejoindre le joueur. Je suis à la recherche d'un satellite en souterrain vue que visiblement un mini game y est lié. J'ai trouver des ballons marbrés (blanc noir) et un cimetière à astronautes + dynamite. J'ai vue qu'on pouvait utiliser les épaves de satellite géantes pour avoir de l'énergie. Faut que je teste aussi les grues de forage sur les zones durent de récolte de lithium ou titane. Je commence à avoir pas mal fait le tour, me manque les planètes tropicale et irradier à explorer à fond et peut être pousser un peu plus sur la lune.
  8. Eronir

    Suspect object!

    Ok thanks!