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  1. Oh, that's weird to that I couldn't find any other topics then about this. Oh well...
  2. Hi, I was just taking a research item back to base, when I saw it snapped to the vent for a split second. I got curious, so I tried snapping it again and placed it. Which worked, but now I can't take it off. Tried to get it loose by removing all earth around it, but no luck.
  3. Yeah I experienced this as well. First, I thought, well, traction (friction with the ground) is really low, keeping sliding as if on ice. I had a large storage unit, a 1-seat and a large solar panel. Then I put a dark-green research item on it, and it started to bounce around like crazy, until I finally managed to take it off. It actually stopped bouncing when I took of the solar panel. Probably some weird bug with the Havok engine (if they use that).