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  1. You have to do it through the Xbox friends list on the left hand guide. Just have your friend go to join game from there. Or you do it to join a friends game
  2. Yeah, know what you mean. loving the game but unfortunately as you progress and get somewhere it starts to lag out or fps drop. hopefully a patch will sort this
  3. having the same problem on mine. Thought that staying away from using tethers would minimise the fps drop/lag issue but it's slowly crept back in whilst expanding the base and building on other worlds. It's pre-alpha so can't complain too much but looking forward to the optimisation to eliminate this issue. Loving the game and looking forward to more being added in the future.
  4. This may have been picked up already but after exiting a multiplayer game whether you're hosting or not the game crashes on Xbox one. All players I've played with and game crashed are on Xbox one
  5. I've been wondering if you could mine enough of the planet to actually almost make it disappear?? Thought about starting this on the smallest planet barren
  6. Do you get lag when building lots of smaller bases around the place? I've started building my Base and it's started to slow down the larger I go. Thinking the small bases maybe the way to go for now. This is on the xbox version
  7. I've managed to encourage a couple of friends to purchase the pre-alpha game on xbox. the multiplayer is great fun, though one of my mates prefers to dig holes under where you are standing and then cap them off burrying you alive. Anyway, would be great if you could have a co-op load whereby you can jump in and do what you want even if the other players aren't on and they could do the same. at present you have to be online the same time as a friend which is great, but would be good to continue building the coop base when others have to jump offline.
  8. As i suggestion, and i'm unsure how difficult it would be to implement in the future, but would be cool to have a first person view through the camera options.
  9. would be nice to choose which items you could turn on and off for auto saving. like have the habitat as the save point without the vehicles, or vice versa. Though the current system is good as i'm terrible at remembering to save games.
  10. The d-pad left and right's work for moving between saves. though it could take a couple of times so may have to be a bit patient
  11. nice base. I've found that generators are started to be need when the base gets that big. You could find coal on the moon/barren, or though the trade station like you said. good work
  12. Playing on Xbox One yeah, i had the same issue with tethers and the vehicles getting connected to them once getting closer. Hopefully this will be addressed in the next patch because this game is amazingly addictive. Though i started another load and decided not to use any tethers. i've managed to build my base up and hadn't got any lag/FPS drops at all until i started to roam off the planet and then come back. Seem the FPS has dropped to just under 30fps. pity but i know this is a pre-alpha of the game and will be sorted soon. really enjoying the exploration
  13. i found this too. All my vehicles disappear after a flight off planet. Also, the framerate has started to slow down after building a second base on another planet. I heard that using tethers causes this but haven't used any in this game. really like this game have sunk i a lot of hours in already. hoping the framerate improves but haven't seen anything on here for a solution. Xbox One player
  14. I think this is a bug - Currently playing the game on xbox one and loving it. When leaving the planet to mine elsewhere, once i returned all of my trucks and rovers were gone. They were alongside my base and not tethered back to anything so free standing. I've now tethered my vehicles when leaving the planet and they now stay there. Thought it was worth mentioning. Cheers