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  1. Sumatra

    Long Range Power Transfer: Second Test

    I have the same setup for my cave base and it works as a charm!
  2. Sumatra

    Planet spin

    its true that it can give spin motino sicness, but if they're able to do so in console debug they should be able to impliment it!
  3. NICE new update, can't wait to test it out tonight! Thanks again team!
  4. Sumatra

    Droid Companions

    i fell in love with this awesome idea!
  5. Sumatra

    Communauté Francophone par ICI

    23 ans, du Québec je joue sur Steam/PC. Si jamais ça vous intéresse de jouer en COOP envoyé moi un message en privé et je vous enverrez mon lien STEAM.
  6. Sumatra

    Forum profile signature (for specs)

    It just make it easier for the dev team to know what we're using to play their game, since the have to ask to most people since people aren't taking the form they asked for
  7. Sumatra

    Forum profile signature (for specs)

    It would be perfect. And would be much more easier to help out people with their bug and issues!
  8. If you want my opinion there won't be any sales at all why? 1. Pre-Alpha game 2. The game is number 2 on most sale for 2 weeks in a row 3. 20$ vs 80$ for a new game: 20$ is totally worth it
  9. Sumatra

    Forum profile signature (for specs)

    This is what i mean: by making it like that it would help or we could have it as you say at the bottom, but when i go on forums and there's this signature thing. It makes my eyes bleed ahah
  10. Hi BluePanda, for the tethers not transfering the energy, you can see in developpement pictures that ''upgraded tethers'' will be coming soon (transfer energy and oxygen). Althought this litte fact doesn't help at all your problem so let me try: 1. build a vehicle bay 2. build a rover 3. connect the rover in between the 2 bases i Know it may seems like a dumb way to do it, but for now, it's the only way to do so. No worries it'll be fix in the future, keep in mind, it's a pre-Alpha game. Enjoy your stay and hopefully this will help you!
  11. It's been shown multiples of times, people even did videos about this issue. The problem, as you say, could be solved by blocking the ''take out the 1 seater'' when someone is on it. You can also send pictures to the devs email with the issue and bug. It'll help them a lot but no need to rush it since most of experienced players already experienced it. thanks for sharing!
  12. Sumatra

    ROAD MAP - Mega Thread

    If you need help with anything in the future just MSG me on my profile and i'll help you out buddy! The plan gives us a good idea where the game is going and if you ask me, it's a pretty damn good game for a pre-alpha
  13. Sumatra

    Making Concrete

    I'm not saying it's not a good idea, i'm just saying if you look at the REDDIT post about it, it explain how to make everything flat even underground, it takes time and patience but it works just fine. and here,s the link:
  14. How do you learn to build things beyond tethers, solar panels, and beacons? You have to get a research platform and find the cubic or round research things to put in it and research it. Once the research is done you'll be abloe to get new items, if you,re lucky enough I've found a few "unknown" things that look like crashed pods etc, with a tooltip to research, but there doesn't seem to be a user-interface or button to actually do so. This is some satelites and shuffle crashes, it,s not totally implimented in the game yet, but in a close future we'll have something to do with this! Hopes for the future ;Procedurally generated random planet to start on. Already into work Save functionality (obviously): There's a merged topic about this one already, dev team is aware + it,s in their planPossibly the ability to construct a small rocket or something and transit between planets, maybe hauling a small amount of materials with you. There's already that, it's called the spaceship acquired during research. hope this helps you a bit Astroneer brother! Enjoy!
  15. Sumatra

    Forum profile signature (for specs)

    That's true it would help a lot the devs team to look out on what we're playing. Althought it can ''poluate'' the forum topic feed cause it's going to be harder to read. But i have another idea; Why can't we get the signature as you,re talking but under our ''post counts'' so this would get in the way of the topic messages and we could see everyone specs when a bug occur. :)