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  1. The title is bad I know, I dont know what to call this bug but if you have suggestions please tell me Anyway for the actual bug, when you build on vehicles at least I can build objects on objects when building with the vehicle bay. This means that my truck has both storage and a crane at the same spot as shown on the picture. Its hard for me to explain but if you drive the vehicle to the vehicle bay, then you will get build options even if the slot is already taken. I wanted to see if it would allow me to actually build anything and it did, it placed the crane within the storage box.
  2. Hello. I just got an impulsive suggestion while doing some terraforming. It would be nice to have some way or ways to climb in the game such as, ladder, rope, grappling hook or by litterally climbing the terrain. although the last one might be a challange =P. Anyway, just wanted to contribute will post more suggestions if they cross my mind. (Note: might be a duplicate, saw one that seemed similar to this suggestion, but not quite.... well leaving that to the mods =/ )
  3. Previous replies etc is sufficient just want to tell you that I have seen the same bug. Throwing out the inventory and picking it back up fixed the problem.