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  1. FrostySpikes

    Drone and Robot Helpers

    Loved the idea, quite hard to programe but excelent idea
  2. FrostySpikes

    Class System

    Sorry for the long post there a TL;DR at the bottom As a coop multiplayer it would be nice to have classes so as to separate activities within a group but also they shouldn’t be locked to a save game. Add an Arsenal + Wardrobe: kinda like Warframe’s where you would be able to switch backpacks and therefore classes so it wouldn’t interfere with the cosmetics of you character and change the cosmetics of your character like colours, suits or whatever they are planning to make Add a (can’t think of a name): crafts upgrades for your backpack using different materials according to their rarity, perhaps like this: - Raw energy and oxygen - Compound, resin and organics - Copper, carbon and hydrazine - Titanium and lithium Add a Team Maker: players can request through it a certain class they need for their team and therefore make a team where you can see its integrants in the left or right side of the screen together These upgrades would expand the backpack with new devices rather than occupying slots Wherever you see a ‘’generator’’ this would be a device that could be turned on or off consuming energy to fulfil its purpose over a decent amount of time Explorer, Gatherer and Builder - Explorer: its main idea is to move around longer, create tether paths quicker and spot interesting places to mine or expand so its backpack upgrade could be... Further move speed boost Poisonous gas resistance Reduced vehicle energy consumption Extra oxygen tank and energy battery (small one) Tether generator Beacon generator Ability to build a new habitat for half the resources - Gatherer: its role is to collect resources more effectively than others and be better at crafting Collect resources 1/3 or 1/5 more efficiently Collection speed boost Unknown researchable spotting (slight glow) Backpack lighting for cave exploration Energy nugget generator Small 4 inventory generator (rather than medium that takes 2 slots to connect) - Builder: he might be the only one building stuff at the end when he finally reaches the -1 resource building. Also he can keep things running at night. Making platforms and stations requires 1 less resource Activate once per night a solar panel to give some energy Organic generators provide more energy and faster Backpack can transfer its own energy to the base Compound generator Road generator (if they add this) Once combat and aliens are put into the game The explorer could have a skill where he would place a flag and within its range allies would be granted an attack speed boost The gatherer could invoke a storm damaging and reducing enemy vision (this will make them miss some shots or strikes) The builder could activate all building secret defences making each structure to shoot Medic, Engineer and Soldier - Medic: as there are hostiles in the planet there will be need of a class to heal allies or even revive them Organics collection boost Very slow hp regen aura Being granted a medic gun Oxygen tank generator Herbal medicine generator It’s equipped with a defibrillator so he can revive allies tho not unlimitedly - Engineer: I’m guessing structure damage will be added into the game so he will excel at repairing and having the parts to repair quicker than any other class apart from giving extra defences to the team Repair speed boost Being granted a repair gun Armour generator Scrap generator Either a single combat drone spawn or a horde of mini ones (like starcraft’s carrier) - Soldier 5 or 3 shot empowerment (after that number of shots the next one is empowered) First melee strike empowerment Magazine generator Toxin generator Smoke grenade (this will greatly reduce enemy visibility at range and partially at melee) This are just some random ideas i have if they commit to the coop multiplayer model which would help players with a certain play style to feel more rewarded towards their way of playing the game. Of course all this classes are not intended to be game changing as it would basically restrict certain aspects of the game to some classes. Also the system could work as an upgrade one like Explorer --> Soldier / Builder --> Engineer / Gatherer --> Medic and also fuse them together for some new classes like a Field Medic (Explorer + Medic) TL;DR + Building to switch backpacks and therefore classes as well as cosmetics + Building to craft backpack and suit upgrades + Building to request certaing classes and make a team - Explorer runs faster generates beacons and thethers at some energy expense has more oxigen and energy stored - Gatherer collects resources faster and more efficienty and generates energy nuggets and mini storages - Builder makes new buildings for 1 less resource and generates compound and road (whenever they add this) When they add combat and enemies to the game: - Medic colects more organics generates oxigen tanks and herbal medicine for survival - Engineer repairs faster and generates armour and scrap for repairing stuff faster - Soldier has 3/5 shot or first melee swipe dmg bonus as well as generate magazines and toxin to put them to bullets and melees Also the system could work as an upgrade one like Explorer --> Soldier / Builder --> Engineer / Gatherer --> Medic and also fuse them together for some new classes like a Field Medic (Explorer + Medic) This are not intended to be game changing as they would restrict lets say building to builders and that would force ppl to pick that class in a team
  3. FrostySpikes

    New Vehicle : Hoverbike

    Hoverboard would be better imo ^^ Also it would be cool to storage it in your backpack or maybe in a special slot for it.. ill soon post something about backpack upgrades
  4. FrostySpikes

    Hunger and farming system

    They already said they will add it, oxigen and energy is just the beggining
  5. FrostySpikes

    Shield Generators

    Making walls with the tool would be much easier i guess
  6. FrostySpikes

    Some stuff that would be really nice in the game.

    They are adding this, just wait a few patches
  7. FrostySpikes

    New things:

    Go to C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor and to the GameUserSettings.ini and there you can some of the things you mentioned. After doing so set it as ''read only'' in properties so it wont revert.
  8. FrostySpikes

    Area Lighting

    Maybe put this as a backpack upgrade rather than an item so you wouldnt waste space or resourses all the time
  9. FrostySpikes

    Grapple Hook and Rope

    Also upgrading your boots to have those spikes ppl use in mountains (no idea whats the name of those)
  10. While you damage or deplete the planet you could also do the opposite like breeding animals and plants, make mountains or caves with the tool which would grant those plants or animals an adecuate environment where to grow
  11. Nice post, i wonder why nobody has replied to it yet They actually showed the travel thing through tethers in one of their streams so they might add that in the next patches. I hope they improve research but i dont think is their main concern right now. Maybe theyll do something like what you mention with storage as having them on the floor is kinda shitty I think they mentioned making roads in a stream as well The increased rarity thing youve mentioned would be too op and pretty imposible to balance as you could easily get 5 unknown things from trees and just boost all your researchs Until they add rain or some more stuff a weather station would be kinda useless ^^ but i loved the idea of making and launching a satellite Animals, even harmless ones would be pretty hard to make into the game right now tho it would be cool if you could trade them and put them into a barn/coop or glass oxigened bubble instead of having them as wildlife Again in one of their streams they said damaging structures or even blowing them or the resourses would be too agresive or intimidating for players (tho i think its challenging and interesting) so they might not add that in pre-alpha Some of your ideas are very similar to no mans sky so i guess devs will try to avoid them
  12. FrostySpikes

    More Settings and Options

    Go to C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor and to the GameUserSettings.ini and there you can change some stuff. After doing so set it as ''read only'' in properties so it wont revert. Regarding motion blur theres not much you can do unfortunatly.
  13. FrostySpikes

    Please add a pause button!

    Yeah just pausing with esc would be great and in coop maybe waiting a few seconds to make you invulnerable or just save from the menu and exit
  14. FrostySpikes

    Graphics settings

    Also i got an i3 with 4GB of RAM + GT520 and because of poor settings and motion blur i cant play the game...
  15. Meanwhile, if they add life, they could make a water pump building + enable rain so youll never actually see water but itll still be kinda realistic, not too much tho.