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    Dead Point

    I no longer have the strength! All knitted and knitted, started the game already 1000 times, and always hovering, sometimes for 1 minute or 20 minutes, I do not understand it, is no longer there is nothing we can do about it ??? Do fixes, but all past, please do us all a pleasure to play not just crashed! On 2 pc . DxDiag AMD.txt DxDiagINTEl.txt
  2. Да, вы правы. Нашли ! Но в папке logs пусто, лол
  3. not found anywhere else such a folder (
  4. Здравствуйте, у меня Windows 10. Папки, которая содержит информацию о красивой, нет (скриншот имеется). Только хрипящий звук проседает fps и Вы не можете настроить расписание, как мне кажется, снижение различных настройках графики увеличит ФПС (в меню есть вертикальная синхронизация, но нет кнопки включить и выключить его). Главная проблема заключается в том, что посадка сразу или в течение 2 минут игра начинает жестоко виснуть и перестает работать. Это после обновления до 60 Мб DxDiag.txt
  5. Yes, you are right all of AMD. Of course, here the file of which you said, thank you. DxDiag.txt
  6. as it met, and also created the theme! But here more competently composed) hope we will answer!
  7. Hello ! I am a member of the Russian, the project was waiting for a long time! Thank you for it! But I have a problem. My system features a processor 4 cores 2.5 and video card on 1 Gb. Runs the game (mean at the maximum setting) with 17-25 FPS (sometimes sagging), but just 5-10 minutes game starts Weirdly lag and hang out for a second 5 and so constantly, and the sound is awful wheeze. (This is only in this game met, Far Cry Primal for example, gave 17-20 Fps, understand that awful, but still it was stable Fps over time the debt) The question is whether future date in a wider setting of the game? So I can put everything on the minimum graphics settings and then think away all the problems! Thank you again for this great game, and given the opportunity to participate before the Alpha test. (Polzovalsya Google translator, sorry)