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    Optimization of Distant planets

    Wrong forum, Wrong forum, wrong forum, abort abort abort!
  2. Roger

    expandable backpack

    "Good idea Dobovte 2-4 slots to a backpack"
  3. Roger

    Just my penny for thought!

    Thank you. And yes, but as i said, this is just my personal thoughts for a penny..
  4. I had a well developed base, then i made a second one some distance away, worked on that for a while, and connected it through a tether. Worked for me
  5. Ive had a positive experience with connecting bases with tethers. The tether did transfer power and oxygen between two habitats.
  6. Idea No.1 The oxygen-reservoir, and the usage off-tether, is in my opinion, too short. To be dependent on either tether or oxygen minerals found in the ground is absolutely fine, and by all means, there are valid reasons to be dependent on it. However, the on-pack standalone oxygen-reservoir should last for more than 45 seconds to a minute, and rather last 2-3 minutes. I've found myself many times in a hole i dug to avoid the passing storm, only to have my oxygen run out and die. And to have lots of oxygen-tank in your backpack takes up a lot of space as well, specially if you started a fresh save. In which leads me to; Idea No.2 Backpack storage, i don't know if you have anything planned to expand the storage on it, or make it so we could have customised backpacks, more than it already is customisation-able , but it would be nice to be able to increase storage-slots with additions, that's all Idea No.3 Map. A map would prove very helpful of you're on a roadtrip with your 4x4 heavy duty off-road rover\truck, or just walk, including underground. Atleast died 20 times due to getting lost and lose sight of my tether, so a map, generated from the topography of the planet, would be quite helpful. Have in mind, i do not know if these suggestions, or rather ideas, is in your plans or not, but this is just my penny for thought. Thank you, and good luck developing! - Roger These are suggestions based on my own personal opinions, un-biased of any third-party or any other form of pressure! (I've been burnt before throwing ideas around, so i'll just make sure)
  7. Thank you - Thank you - Thank you! You do not know the sensation you've given me, and possible others, by creating this little to not known game. I, however, got to know this from a little known youtuber "szyzyg" , or as we space-fanatics know him as, Scott Manley! Anywho, this game has so much potencial, it has so much beauty, and it can, and will hopefully be so much more, so much more - more spacey! I would like to personally thank SystemEra for this wonderful gem in this ocean of mediocre games trying the best to emulate its first iteration; Minecraft. But you take it just that little step further, and possibly made it a whole new "thing" to behold. So, thank you, SystemEra. Thank you so so much, you are truly just beautiful! (I would make this post more pleasing to the eyes with big headlines and spacing and titles and such, but i'll make that in a later post if i feel the need to share whatever i want to share ) - Roger