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  1. I don't know what you did, but the truck drives much better now and doesn't flip out when I put research on it. Also research now gives a much broader range of items, not just lithium and titanium. Good job y'all.
  2. If you place a single seat on a large storage rack on a truck, when you tab out it places the player under the truck and either you are stuck or the truck flips.
  3. Is it possible that you've already unlocked all the possible research items?
  4. I'm having the same problem. I think it may be that we've researched all the researchable items that are in the game right now. This should be changed so that you get a resource instead.
  5. My probably is a bit different. It only seems to affect the large storage module on my truck.
  6. I attached a drill to a crane to a large storage on a truck trailer (I have one truck as a trailer attached to another truck). After using the drill to mine resources I noticed that on the storage on the truck there were slots with partially filled resources (looks like "organic"). I can't move these partially filled resources on the storage. I tried doing some more drilling to see if I could fill them up, but that doesn't work either. I don't have a screenshot because that save is now unplayable due to another bug. Steam version Windows 10
  7. I put a single seat on a large storage rack on a shuttle. I flew to another planet and when I got there, I accidentally grabbed the seat and put myself on the ground while my character was still in it. Now I'm stuck in the seat. I can't tab out or move the seat. I can still grab items off of my ship, so I tried to use a large solar panel to knock myself over hoping it would knock me out of the seat like sometimes happens when you're driving a truck or rover. It didn't work (see screenshot). Steam version Windows 10 GTX 970