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  1. Hi! I found a bug through wich you can "fly" through the soil and go to many caves without even moving from place (i don't know it you could eventually get to the other side of the planet if the game is programmed like that). It happens when you get "buried" under the soil and the game doesn't know how to react and you end up trespassing the soil. 1. Mouse/Keyboard 2. Playing on Steam, Win10x64 = Game ver.: Pre-Alpha.v0.2.108.0 3. I was modelling the floor 4. Steps to reproduce: Dig a hole and dig a little more horizontally to get a mini-cave with soil over it "Close" the cave with you inside Use the terraforming tool (E) to elevate the terrain (ALT) with you inside the cave Fly through the soil Collision_Bug_-_Moving_Through_soil.mp4