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  1. So true. So true.
  2. That is crazy haha. It could possibly have floated away to the vehicle afterlife, which is what a lot of people's vehicles are doing these days.
  3. Something I discovered inadvertently, which is most likely a bug, is that when you jump on top of a vehicle and start running, it sometimes moves the vehicle like it's being driven. I have seen this happen with the rover, truck, and shuttle. I found this out when I had the same problem as you: a toppled shuttle.
  4. MudAnimal


    If you're on Xbox, I know several people (mostly those I've played with) who have said the same thing. They have also said that it's mildly frustrating when the camera automatically pulls away from where your cursor is at (if it's on a screen edge). I have also seen the camera continue moving in some direction even when the analog stick is untouched (not a controller issue). This is just an xbox thing, from my experience.
  5. MudAnimal

    Change solar system?

    At this stage in development, I do not believe there is any other system than the one that currently exists. Not sure if there will be more systems to explore in the future. Can you confirm, @IndieCrypt?
  6. MudAnimal

    What are good uses for generators.

    For planets other than Terra where you may not be able to use a bunch of solar, wind, and batteries, I would make use of those coal-burning generators. On Terra it makes sense to just have a set of solar panels, wind turbines, and a few batteries. (See pic of my base.) This prevents having to always go out and find coal.
  7. MudAnimal

    How Can I put a tether - Xbox one user

    Once you have made a set of tethers in your backpack using compound, press down on the D-Pad to pull out a tether and then press right trigger when you're ready to set it on the ground.
  8. MudAnimal

    need help getting unstuck from habitat

    @james adkins, can you perhaps use the terrain tool to dig yourself down far enough to get away from any tethers? Actually, I see now that you're on the base terrain, which is impenetrable.
  9. MudAnimal

    Resource node help

    From my experience, the arrow needs to stay green when you're pulling resource from the teat. If it changes back to the blue/indigo color, slightly tilt the stick around until it stays green.
  10. MudAnimal

    Level tool

    No problem, @RocketMan69! Let me know how it goes.
  11. MudAnimal

    Level tool

    I found this one to be pretty helpful. Although I will say that it will probably be a bit more difficult using a controller rather than a mouse and keyboard.
  12. MudAnimal

    "117" - January 9th, 2017

    The 117 patch name wasn't lost on me! Never forget "Sierra 117".
  13. MudAnimal

    [PC] A Guide about Saves

    Hey, thanks! I matched the 'Date Modified' column in that folder to the dates seen on the saves at the main menu and it worked perfectly! No more clutter.
  14. MudAnimal

    "117" - January 9th, 2017

    Glad you got it worked out, @Pi_!
  15. MudAnimal

    "117" - January 9th, 2017

    I opened the Windows Store and Astroneer started updating automatically. Try that.