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  1. It's broken. (currently no way to fix it) To avoid making more, make sure the smelter has enough empty space, and never add extra material to it while it's smelting.
  2. It's an empty dud. If you load a game with a partial power nugget, it won't properly disappear as it gets used up.
  3. Oh, right. The * is researched items. (that you don't start out with)
  4. Meanwhile, if you get a bit of organic stuck, it's possible to carefully drill plant bits until it finishes a complete piece and no more. I had to pop off 2 or 3 before I successfully got a clean removal. Good luck!
  5. If you load a game with a partial nugget in it, it will no longer shrink and disappear properly. Once you use up its power, it will be an empty dud that does nothing. (but take up space) Use up partial power nuggets before quitting if you want to avoid creating duds.
  6. Here: (I copied this from a post on Reddit, and totally edited it to death) Type Name Cost Use Resource Oxygen Found consumbale Resource Power Found consumable Resource Organic Found (material) Resource Resin Found (material) Resource Compound Found (material) Resource Malachite Found Smelting Resource Laterite Found Smelting Resource Lithium
  7. if you attach a loose winch's sucker to something, you can then just grab the winch and manually move it all over the place. Carefully terraforming can also be used, but could also send the panel into the depths/orbit.
  8. You need a (spare?) vehicle to bridge the gap.
  9. Wait, you found repro steps?! Sweet. Can we narrow it down any further? There are three steps to making a platform, which one is failing in the save/reload? (adding a new node, expanding the node into a platform, building a particular module on that platform)
  10. I've been trying for days to find any kind of repro for this. (When do we get tools for testing/free build?) Is there any pattern? Can it happen to any particular building? Does it matter what order they're built in, or when you build them? (if another building is charging?) Is it related to whether the node was created during the same session or if it was loaded that way from the save file? The only weird thing I've found so far about buildings and power: right after you expand a platform, before it's made into a building, it can suck power for a little while. (where does that power
  11. I assume you'll be using the Xbox app. (win+g in a game pops up the overlay, and the first/left button bring up the xbox-a-majig) Maybe form a party there? This is the part where I don't have any (xbox) friends, so I can only guess.
  12. That looks like the generator. If you mouse near the edge, you should be able to grab it past the side of the "fuel here" shadow. Also, dropping an organic on it makes the shadow go away and then it should be easily grab-able.
  13. It's a dud. Use up any partial power before saving if you want to avoid making them. (when you load a game, a partial power starts with energy in it, but when drained it won't disappear properly and becomes a dud)
  14. One more detail I found - if the left two slots of the platform are occupied with something other than the needed resource, (two items, a storage rack, a 1-seat were all confirmed) then the RIGHT-rear slot will work for causing shenanigans.
  15. Did some fiddling, and I was able to repro with any item. (at least all that I've tried so far) have an Item on the left-rear slot (not storage) on the printer platform. Select a recipe that uses 2 x Resource have/place one Resource in a shadowed print supply position ready to go place the second needed Resource in the slot in front of / next to the Item observe the weirdness of Item floating back and forth Starting with item in any other slot didn't behave badly. As long as it isn't Resource, it doesn't matter what is in the right-hand slots of