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  1. Trendkill555

    Looking For Players Megathread

    Platform(s): Xbox OneLocation: CanadaLanguage(s): English Microphone: yesLooking for: adventures!Can play from: 5pm-12am atlanticCan host: sureComment: lets build space dicks
  2. Trendkill555

    why block the sand?

    why does my Astroneer raise his hand to shield his eyes during a storm? Isn't his helmet protecting his eyes from sand and debris?
  3. Trendkill555

    to the game devs

    oh! well then, nevermind about the previous post. You know two languages and thats more then most can say!! Looks like someone is going to help you out judging from the above posts. Have fun doing what you love. cheers (Trump wasn't going to fix anything anyway. lol)
  4. Trendkill555

    to the game devs

    You are 16?! I "would" "understand" if you were 12. Trump save the school system!!
  5. Trendkill555

    Tethers detaching by themselves

    I have them not work on and off again when they are connected from a "work station" such as a Printer or Smelter. Moving or more tethers seems to fix temporarily. sometimes i cant even connect to the Printer or Smelter etc, then for reason, move over one foot and it works again! I'm on xbox 1
  6. Same problem here on Xbox One. Only after loading a saved game.