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  1. find it difficult to play any multiplayer. The host and the client can't seem to agree where a player is when traveling in a rover and causes the vehicles to start spazzing out. makes the game unplayable in multiplayer beyond the first 10mins of game play when you are working towards the vehicles. I think some load balancing and networking optimizations are needed and I know you guys are working hard on this. On a lighter note you guys have done an amazing job on this gem of a game. I hope the six of you make lots of money off of this and I'm anxious to see what other games you guys come
  2. got the bosd on the moon mining. here is the mini dump and astro logs 122616-6937-01 - Copy.dmp Astro-backup-2016.12.26-10.09.56.log
  3. Tethers disappear when putting them back in your backpack it they are not in the first slot.
  4. I think the default slot to load should be last played, not new.
  5. also the 1 seat on shuttle never faces the right way for me
  6. A partial bundle of compound fell off my crane while mining and i picked it up. When I clicked the hologram of compound at the vehicle bay it inserted that one and now i cant click it or get it out. I've tried switching to something that requires copper and it wont change it out.
  7. I think a way to delete an accidentally place module or extra vehicle would be nice. Or better yet a way to recycle them for a cost of energy/% of initial cost.
  8. What I'm thinking is a way to make a completely mobile base, and the ability to remove the larger modules after they have been placed with the crane or something. I noticed that all the building platforms have snap on points for things like the printer and smelter. I would like to put those on vehicles.
  9. Maybe rewrite it to only disengage when some one is in the drivers seat.
  10. When not in a vehicle it seems to lock its tires, but when I enter a vehicle or get in the crane the vehicle starts to drift down hill on the slightest of inclines. I don't think the vehicle should disengage its brakes when entering the crane.
  11. Dust storms should make the wind generators go crazy. Or just activate them the normal amount. This might be a bug if it is suposse too.
  12. Visual bug while charging truck on battery mete. It clips through the bottom of the truck
  13. Cool planets. I plan on flying to them.
  14. I would like an auto save feature, say for every 5 mins or so. I would like to be able to adjust the timing my self if possible. This would help us all with game crashes
  15. Agreed, I would at least like to see a creative mode