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  1. I've had this happen as well. Once on a save, and once driving over rocks.
  2. "Holding Q on keyboard or Y on Gamepad will now open the Catalog whether or not the Backpack is open." This is bugged on XBox at least. Opening the catalog this way will not leave you with a cursor, so there's no way to switch categories of items.
  3. I'd like to see the medium batteries be stackable. Put slots on the top of the battery, and let us stack them up to three high, so we don't have to litter our bases with tons of modules for our battery farms.
  4. Nice idea, and thanks for providing the visualization as well!
  5. So long as you stay on the surface, beacons go a long way towards preventing getting lost.
  6. I find the research speed pretty well balanced. There are several things you can do to speed things up, depending on what you want to invest in early. I prioritized solar, wind, and batteries, since more power in makes the research speed up. I also found that having three research chambers was a good idea. It was easy to find enough things to throw into them, and I often had all three going at once. When they were all fully powered, my bytes filled up like crazy.
  7. I posted some amazing Exotic views on this thread:
  8. I like your idea. Anything that adds to the depth of storm mechanics would be great. I'd also like anything that mitigated the storms' effects, such as a craftable personal force field generator that consumes power or some other resource. I'd also love to see different types of weather -- ice storms, gentle snow, fog, etc.
  9. Of course they add to the game. I love the storms. Out of curiousity, have you tried spending much time on Exotic planet? What I'm talking about here is having a decent uptime vs. downtime. Currently it's about one minute down for every seven minutes up. They are no longer interesting after awhile. It gets tedious. You say you don't want to suffer a boring game, then I suggest you steer clear of any planet with this much storm activity. It's not more challenging at all. That wasn't my complaint.
  10. No, I mean the constant storms are boring. The point of early access is for us to offer our opinions. I'm just offering mine.
  11. Sure there are ways to mitigate the effects of storms by the players. But on Erotic in particular, none of theses ways is trivial. The main thrust of my request is this: No game should ever present a situation where the player sits for a full minute doing nothing. Much worse if these moments are happening with the frequency they do on Erotic. Penalties, setbacks, death... all of these I can handle. The one adversary that I would rather not face is boredom.
  12. It's a rolling update, so different times for everyone. Mine showed up this morning
  13. On Exotic, it's brown boxes every time. The storms come every eight minutes, and last about a minute each. It's particularly bad because that planet is difficult to drive on, and also difficult to get to protected underground spaces.
  14. I haven't tried multiplayer yet, but so far the rest of the game is much smoother. FPS is greatly improved, and I've seen a few things that weren't even mentioned in the notes, such as automatic decoupling of vehicles from bases when driving off.