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  1. Kinda like both Ideas, but i think to select a angel to dig wouldnt be necessary.
  2. This is an interesting and creative Idea. But i wouldnt like a exoskelet like in BO3 where you can jump so high and stuff like this
  3. I like this Ideas here,would like a Space Station too
  4. Hey Artorius, I dont think automation would be that good,kinda depents what kind you mean. But the Sleep mechanic would be unnessassery.In other survival games or any kind of game it isnt nessasery to sleep,or maybe just to save the game.
  5. I dont know what do you mean.could you Add some Pictures oder try to explain
  6. Wouldnt Think it is a Good idea because it would destroy für Start on a new Planet
  7. I think a UAV or any other robot for exploring inst that good,i kinda like it to discover new stuff myself
  8. Nah forget this, you cant really see a diffrence and the guys is just trolling...
  9. A simple Quit button in the main menu would be great.
  10. Yes,Tanks and Batterys are useless if you use Tethers or even a simple Buggy(i mean come on it isnt expensive....) And i can work very good with the limited Inventory
  11. Or some sort of an drill infront of it to remove this things.