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  1. After a quick exploration of a few planets in my solar system (visited tundra, exotic then arid) on return to my home planet I was gutted to discover my buggy has disappeared along with any other modules I had lying around like a generator and 1 seat module. Have had to land the lander nearby so the vehicle bay is free to build another buggy. Mined some coal on the exotic planet but the other two showed nothing of interest so returned.
  2. Same for me on XboxOne. Items still appear away from the backpack and game crashed when I reboarded my rover.
  3. Hi all, well I heard there had been an update so have been on this morning and managed to get my buggy back to Base and the attached tethers no longer caused an instant slow down and crash so that's a plus. The downside appears to be the seed of my planet has changed slightly and am noticing new trees and rock columns in the middle of my tether lines then fell into a cave tunnel right by my Base. This wasn't previously here. See video. I've since filled this in for the time being but then the game crashed again without any noticible slowdown as in previous crashes. 23-12-2016_10-45-01.mp4
  4. Currently I'm getting a consistent error when playing the game. If I remove the main tether from my Base the frame rate immediately slows to a crawl and eventually crashes. Same happened when returning I a buggy. As soon as the tether made a connection with the vehicle the game became unplayable and crashed. 20-12-2016_21-30-22.mp4
  5. Hi all, After playing the game for a couple of days now, which I'm loving by the way. The dust storm which comes in is a lovely touch and always has me running back to Base to sit in the habitat (why's he keep the door open). Introduce a radioactive cloud one on radiated worlds It feels like it needs more of these environmental disasters as in Simcity. Some suggestions below: Atmospheric disasters: Lightening storms (could short out your Base power needing repair of generator) Meteor showers (could happen on planets close to asteroids, would allow us to create a force field for the Base or build terrain over the Base for protection) Asteroid impacts (rare event could be timed so if you had an observatory you cold be forewarned of disaster in advance and could either move to a safer location if it's a small impact or move planet if it's a planet killer. Could also build missile array to deflect incoming asteroids or fly too it and take it out in a armageddon fashion. Surface Disasters: Flooding (if you had rivers and your Base is near a floodplain it could become submerged) Volcanic eruptions (Introduce lava in caves too as an added hazard) Earthquakes (on tectonically active planets could forewarn of a impending eruption nearby Landslides/avalanches (Like the small rocks give certain rock types a gravity too them so when undermined they drop) Tsunamis (Add water to allow exploration of the sea and it's depths, more array for plants and animals in this new biome as well as disaster. Cold then have docks and water based transport and submersibles. Aliens Defend your outpost from hostile npc attack (Thinking turret defences and taking the fight to their homeworld's or outposts they have on your planet. Items like these would keep you on your toes and keep the game fresh fill you with dread when you hear the noise of an impending disaster as the dust storm currently does.