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  1. Built a base up in the clouds. Clouds stay in the same place and are at about mountaintop level. The pattern on the clouds kinda make them look like peanuts. Will upload some video updates of playing in the clouds.
  2. Having the different shapes and sizes as unlockables is great idea.
  3. Wind generation does work in the caverns sometimes. The harvestable power underground is also a good source for a base. For using the terrain tool underground I have a tether running to the surface to draw power from. Works when sunny/windy.
  4. Good question, I used the Xbox app on my phone (if you login online think it's the same). It has all your screenshots on it, saved them to my phone. Then in the forum hit choose files at bottom of text box.
  5. Would love to have a tram/train to speedily haul resources or travel from base to base or mining site underground. It could be the same body as the rover but no wheels. It would run over the center of a line similar to the tethers but instead of a slack rope between, it would be a solid rail. Driving controls would be just forward backward, but would go fast as rover top speed (no rocks to run into!). Would require power to run the train that would have battery like rover. It could also draw power from the base like the tether does. It may be prone to bugs but perhaps when build
  6. An item you could craft that would scan for resources. It would have options similar to the trade platform as far as selecting what resource you want to scan for. It would mark the nearest resource of that type with a beacon if it's in range. (don't know how this would work for underground resources) Maybe it would take up 2 slots so it would have to go on a vehicle.
  7. Perhaps when compass is equipped on your pack, a small compass bar appears along the top of the screen (similar to other exploration games). It would have to show direction camera is facing, not character to avoid confusion. Good idea.
  8. Upon landing spaceship back at 1st base, my rover and truck both sunk below surface and disappeared. They were both tethered to the base. A rover base with storage on it sunk slightly but did not disappear, was not tethered. Tried to dig down to recover them but tether disappeared as soon as I stared digging, nothing there.
  9. Agree, a sensitivity adjustment option for the controls would make the game a lot easier to play. Was gonna try to adjust x and y sensitivity for the controller in the Xbox settings if I can, hopefully that helps.
  10. Was experimenting with building smooth wall, turned into a drive-in. Wall is really smooth initially But it gets bumpy again after a minute or so. Hardest part was getting vehicles parked right with the bad driving controls. Now I need to try to do shadow puppets!
  11. Good idea. Perhaps the damage to vehicles could be less battery capacity till you fix it. Base pods could charge power slower the more they are damaged.
  12. Nothing much on the moons surface so I drilled way down. I found lots of deadly plants and other things that kill you when you get close, also a ton of coal. These little purple dudes were everywhere down there. You can kill them with terrain tool but they give off poison gas. Deadly plants were everywhere, especially around the coal deposits.
  13. My idea is give the players an objective to work towards and a reason to explore more areas by having missions. These could be weekly, generated from a mission hub that you could build on your base. There could also be locations or other characters in the world that give you missions when you find them. Mission rewards could be something like unique color schemes for vehicles, new character outfits, special items, or upgrades to air or battery capacity. Rewards could also be currency used to buy these items at a store you could build on your base. Harder missons that give better rewa