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    "Patch 221" - November 13th, 2017

    Thank you so much team. Now I can finally enjoy the mining train I have build, and actually steer the crane. I’m on Xbox Scorpio. Thank you so much. Love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  2. Niels83

    Better steering for crane and drill

    And here is two other videos... the crane just don’t wanna go for the resources I’m trying to get... it is pretty much all over the place. Camera also jumps all over as I try to zero in on my target... impossible, and only pure luck I hit something...I got so frustrated by using it that I’m not gonna now. and here is another one The crane is impossible to work with, and more an issue than good. We need better manual steering without camera jumping all over. Maybe some manual steering so we can decide how deep we go, and also steer the crane without the camera keeps moving. Maybe the other thumb stick.... I dunno. The way it is now kills it for me... thx in advance.
  3. Hi there. Love your sweet little game... having great fun, especially after the excavation update, BUT. I don’t know if it is me, but omg the steering for the crane and drill is so random. I just unlocked it today for the very first time ever. I was so hyped. But God I can not drill the stuff I try to drill. Either it takes control totally randomly, and rest of the time it just does something much worse... i have stopped using it cause the drill and crane seems more annoying than beneficial. And I find myself just using the vacuum tool on the astroneer instead... cause with that I can actually aim and drill the stuff I am after. I have tried many things. Getting closer, further away, turned the car around. But I have no control over it... there must be a better way, cause to me this is way to clunky. So I don’t use it. Then what is the point. i have put a small video link from xboxdvr to show my struggle. At first I’m doing okay I guess, but then the crane begins to act random. I’m trying to aim. But I end up with looking in to the sky or get my view blocked so I can’t see. It does not drill the stuff I want to drill... i really really hope you can make a better steering for the crane. Cause to me it is just not worth the effort to use in this state. If I can use my manipulator on my astroneer with easy, one would think I at least would have some control over the crane. But no sadly here is the video. this video I did okay, but later I had zero control over that darn thing haha...and I gave up in the end And parked the mining car, and did it the old way. suggestions maybe add a small laser target to show where the crane and drill will dig. Does the steering of the crane have to be the same you use to steer the camera? Half of the time I can’t see anything when I try to move it. Cause then I’m looking at one of the tires blocking all my view.. maybe a better function to expand the crane. Move it up down. Turn drill head etc etc. there are plenty of buttons to use when you sit in the crane. Could we not use some of those to make it easier to control... Anywho hope we can get a better way. It is too random the way it behaves. I feel I have no control. And it is very annoying and kills the fun. Which is why I don’t use it anymore. or if I’m doing it wrong then plz let me know. Thx in advance.
  4. The invert Y gamepad has been broken since the first update you did on the game, and still not working. i can only play games with invert Y stearing so this bothers me even more than the flying cars we see, that still happens. When you activate invert Y controls in options, then the stearing, looking up and down works as it should but. When you equip your deformer tool then it stops working as invert and goes back to normal. If you Press LT when using tool then suddently it works as invert. If you Enter your inventory then it also stops working. And if you Press LT to aim and pick up items, then it is also broken. so in short. Invert controls *looking up/down works fine when Nothing equiped. *equiping tool breaks invert controls. But if you Press and hold LT then it works again. *using your backpack inventory also breaks the invert stearing. And the same does when you press LT to aim and pick up items. This was the best way i could explain this sorry im not english. But plz fix this as fast as you can. I really wanna help you out and finding bugs but i just can't play this game if the invert controls dont work sorry.. Thx in advance. PS still see flying space cars, and planets that looks like sliced Apples. You know that i am sure, but still
  5. Niels83

    Controls not working right.

    Situation Update. Problem is back. Only when i run and look around will the controls be invert. When i use my deformer tool then invert controls stops working. And it acts the same way when i use aim (LT) to pick up items. So basicly turning on invert controls have no effect anymore, cause it acts as "normal" controls when using your tools i can't make more updates on the situation cause i can't play the game like this. I neeeeeeeed my invert controls sorry:(
  6. Niels83

    Controls not working right.

    Update on the situation. I have tried to restart a new game with different character. That fixed the issue. Every thing working again. I was using the Astroneer with the orange suit when this issue happend.
  7. When i play i like to play with invert controls. Only when i aim with LT will this work now. If i only use Right thumb control it does not. Plus when i try to look around with the right thumb stick only, there is like 2 second delay before it moves. Plus the cursor gets stuck on the ground all the time now. I have tried to switch on/off invert controls but Nothing helps.
  8. How do i give rep. I like this idea.
  9. Niels83

    Base gates and habitats to live in

    Yeah:) and big blast Doors to close for the outside if u build inside a cave. With warning lights and sound " bzzzzz, bzzzzz, beeeeb beeeeeb bub" can't wait to see what the future may hold for this lovely game.:)
  10. Wonderful game minus the space bugs ofc;) so we can make dirt walls, but what about metal walls around your base? Maybe have a giant gate that can open and close with rotating warning lights. Or if you build a base inside of a Cave, then you could have a giant gate to close for the outside. Like in Starwars on that Hoth Planet. Habitats to live in. So when you Enter the habitat, the camera would change to inside. Then you could decorate your home with beds, furniture, and maybe windows to the outside. So when u look out u could see and say " yup big sandstorm today. I hate mondays" anywho just some ideas. What do you think guys?
  11. Are you using the mining drill and crane for that. U won't get any if you do it the standard way:)
  12. Niels83

    Game Save Deleted / Overwritten

    Happens to me too. Save one and two dont work but the third one does
  13. Hi let me start with what lovely game this is. With time i think we will have something great. Now to the bugs i have on xbox one * framerate issues gets really bad after a few hous. I try to keep my base small but it still drops. I think it has something to do with vehicles and tethers. I recycle my tethers and try not to use any vehicles not even the shuttle cause the game pretty much comes to a stand still when the frame drops to 3-5 fps. *some of my saved games makes the game crash when trying to load. *options are wrong. Controller layout shows for pc and not Xbox One. *when i Enter an old saved game, then my backpack is all messed up. Items are flying behind the backpack. I helps to drop them and then picking them up again. the World changes, trees and plants pop up where they were not before when i load old game. *Nasty clip through the planet bug. Tends to happen when the frame rate goes down bad. I think the game can't load the chunks you are standing on fast enough so you fall through, and are floating inside the planet until death(no O2) *some of the items on your back pack will stop working. I had an O2 tank on my character. It stopped working. I looked and saw that it had changed names with the tethers. It still looked like a tank but the name said tethers. these are the bugs i have seen so far. Now im gonna take a break from the game a bit. Cause it seems when im finally ready to explore the planet or planets the game drops so dramaticly in framerate that i just pretty much gives up on that game save... Oh yes before i forget. I would love if we could delete old saves manualy instead of having to delete the hard drive saves and there by loosing all saves for the game. hope this helps you to locate the bugs. Good hunt guys;) PS sorry about my english