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  1. Dioscoros


    many people dont understand A game of aerospace industry and interplanetary exploration. food and suits are toleratable but not classes, its going to ruin the game, way too many people want PVP this game should just be PVE , they should stick with what they have going and what the game really is and not change the game at all with Guns and everything
  2. Dioscoros

    Resin bug not able to create module

    unfortunately for my case unfortunately for my case, I cant make a hub once expanded
  3. Dioscoros

    Resin bug not able to create module

    what I meant is that in the red circle that module is able to create a hub (printer,research,etc.) along with the next module.
  4. Dioscoros

    Resin bug not able to create module

    well if you make them into buildings I cant expand anymore that is my problem, and when I expand again as you can see in the picture the one with the word 2 resin once I expand again the bug happens I cant make a building out of it
  5. its already too annoying, I have been creating new games all over again and I cant organize any of my module because of this bug
  6. Dioscoros


    If you put pvp, peace will never happen and it is too impossible what you are looking for, war would still be everywhere and u can never explore peacefully and people would just shoot you for no reason and take your stuff and you have to do it all again what you have to do and gain what was taken for you and again. Please dont ruin the game with PVP even just an aspect its a No No because pvp would Contradict to the word EXPLORATION. I can tolerate PVE but never a PVP.
  7. Dioscoros


    ughh having turrets, miniguns, or GUNS would actually ruin the game or rather PVP would ruin the game itself, the game is all about EXPLORATION not WAR, why the hell would you put some war on it. I could tolerate MINI-GAMES to have fun but not PVP, and I can tolerate enemies like more plants and such but not pvp and guns, if you would put pvp, do you really think you could make a base peacefully? people would rather go fight and fight every damn day and no one would give a *** going to another places at all and many base would be abandon and base you would see everywhere and it would be very annoying as the peaceful days would be over. I would Love the game to stay co-op or PVE but never a server map at all and put some pvp ughh the game would be destroyed
  8. Wouldnt it be nice if the white stripped sphere is an egg? maybe A pet alien Or a Droid alien to help you gather or accompany you in exploring
  9. Dioscoros

    Online multiplayer

    you could play with friends by inviting them in the game through steam, I played with my friend many times lol
  10. Dioscoros

    New idea for Trade platform - Landing pad

    NPC would ruin the game
  11. Dioscoros


    jetpack wouldnt ruin anything at all as long as the flying is limited on height and duration but rocket booster is nice too its still is a jetpack tho, what I meant of different conditions is make it more bizarre you know, with different weathers and each has different species of plants, arid must have more heat, more vulcanic, tundra must have more cold more slower to walk in snow, and etc. you know things like that
  12. it would be very nice if you could build a GARAGE and FIX the destroyed spaceship or any RUINED SPACESHIP in the planet and make use of it or SCRAP IT for any MATERIALS or RESOURCES or even USE IT FOR FLYING or shelter it. WE NEED JETPACK! IT WOULD BE VERY NICE IF THERE IS A JETPACK FUELED BY HYDRAZINE!! and UPGRADED SHOES or SUITS to lessen the damage and can you please add MAPS too of the planet. it would be very nice too if each planet has different climate, environment conditions, and status, they have different affinities.
  13. the planet's torned to half and its half is in its face like really its bugged the planets is not in good condition the power is bugged once it is used and not all of it is absorbed and once you used it back? it wont be absorbed anymore also the resin, its bugged, the module wont absorbed the resin at all, well maybe some
  14. I fix it ! by just updating my OS lol try updating yours