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  1. In the long run it might be a good idea to let players decide what they want to research next (e.g. like the blueprint selection in the printer) and change research items that they give a certain amount of research (depending on rarity) maybe a range, so that a little rng comes into play. The research table can show how far you have gone. But it would be good that no all "recipes" are known right from the start. So I would also make research items still giving new possible research targets as it is now. [+] Less Randomness, better predictability and even some control [+] Higher-Tech Blueprints can be made more expensive / lower cheaper [+] Basis-Techs can be made available right away but still need some doing to make them available [+] Player can reach for a certain goal / tech area [+] Getting additional rare research items still gives benefits (more research points for rare items) ... not a useless filter or powercell [+] Common Research Items can also give benefits for research, just not so much In the long run, this is just a side-problem. The real problem is: What can the player do in this game in the long run. "Exploring" just for itself is not enough. People have a look here and there but get bored quite fast, exploration needs a purpose. And just to get all possible research in the game as it is right now is not enough. Especially not by artifically expanding this goal by making it harder to get / more time-intensive. There should be more, much more. You have to ask yourself, what do you want to do, when you have all research or rather what to do with all that research. Currently players set their own (sometimes rather strange) goals for the time after (or while) getting all research: - Exploring -- gets boring rather fast and caves look somewhat alike after some time, see No Man's Sky for that a hole universe of randomness, and people are still bored fast - Visit all planets -- goes rather quick - Build a base on all planets -- Better, takes some time, incentive to get more materials and rather / research, you only ask youself after the 3rd base ... what the hell am I doing here - Travel to the core of planet -- Nice Jule Verne style goal, but some reward for that would be good - Build a ramp into the sky -- Strange, but okay As I said ... maybe we need some more or at least some help. It might hold player longer in the game without making it boring or giving them tedious tasks. Why do players play 80h Mass Effect Andromeda, but 1000h Ark Survival Evolved?
  2. Hardcase

    Research is broken

    Same here to many consumables, problems getting base essentials like battery and solar panel. And: Keep the consumeables give us the base resource instead which we can put to better use.
  3. Summary: 153 - Steam - Unusable Power Items Description: Quite often I notice unusable power items (the yellow ones), often if not always partly used. The item no longer provides energy for research station, any station node or vehicles, not even in the backback. My guess is, incomplete power items are no longer accepted / recognized as energy items after disonnected from the slot where it was first partly emptied. I now have a growing heap of inoperable power items. Because I cannot use them or destroy them and they don't despawn. I noticed a similar behaviour with oxygen items, which were no longer emptied/used by the backback to/by the oxygen tank under certain conditions. At least not immediatly. Might also have something to do with save / load. That those items becomes inoperable when game saved while item is partly emptied. Full power / oxygen items never seem to make any problems, only partly emptied ones. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 153
  4. Summary: 153 - Steam - Tethers disconnecting from bases when vehicles are too close Description: I have a larger/long range grids of tethers connected to a base and some vehicles. While connected to the teather I noticed that sometimes, my energy for digging run out pretty fast sometimes not. Then I noticed, that my parked vehicle at the cave entrance was connected to the tether when the enery run out faster. I also noticed while the vehicle is connected to the tether the base is no longer connected, the last segment is gone. It comes back, when I park the vehicle at a greater distance from the tether away and the base connection comes back. Tethers with active connections to bases should always have a higher priority than connections to vehicles because bases have often much better energy/battery support. Of couse without bases vehicles should take over as it is. Another side-effect is, when I not careful, I'm draining the power supply of the vehicles making it stuck. I need to find some power first to revive it before I can drive away. If the connection to the base had a higher priority that wouldn't be a problem. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 153
  5. Totally forgot: Why the hell are all research items start to float when I'm leaving the area? I dropped a bio research item beside the research table but need to wait because of night/energy issues. After I got back it floated rouhly 10m above ground. I needed another tour everytime I got back the item gained more height. Now it is soo far above ground that I can't even reach it any longer. Reseach items in caves starting to glue themselves on the ceiling after a while.
  6. Same here, started completly new. Stuck in the starting phase still after 2 hours. No printer and/or vehicle bay. Researched roughly 40 artifacts so far. 25 plant artifacts however (only one available in large quantities). Digging makes no fun because of constant energy issue especially at night without large batteries, which I can't have until I can make a printer. And researching makes no more fun when you have to drag the research items through large cave systems or long distances over longer periods of time. Too man hydrazine in bio research items. More variety (e.g. lithium) please and more chances for blueprints even for common research items. Why the hell are all storm-rocks pointing directly at me? It's like the storm is really throwing everything directly to me. I have to warn you: Artifically prolonging the game by giving us lower chances for blueprints or recurring blueprints we already have or too tedious or too grindy gameplay is a very bad choice! Give us (new/additional) gameplay instead! Otherwise people might loose intrest in rage and frustration. Especially when you already played in the past you get somewhat sensitive to these matters. Next time we might not come back for a replay so soon.
  7. Happend to me as well, ground turned like quicksand and vehicles sunk. My current theorie about that is that the physics are temporarily calculated with the wrong terrain height because another time I did see a world tear and the ground height I did see explained the sunken vehicles. Intrestingly after I edited the nearby terrain the tear disappeared and correct ground height appeared again. Since then the vehicles sometimes jumps a little bit, but they did not sunk into the ground. To be sure I also digged another room below the surface the vehicles where standing on. That way even if the vehicles sink into the ground I can dig them out again. I also did find a small floating chunk of terrain I oversaw. Since I removed it the world tear did not appeared again. Maybe some of that helps.
  8. Hardcase

    Flat land

    Intresting. I noticed something like that on the Arid One. The multi-tool sometimes jumps like there is a snapping grid or some kind of unpassable terrain (although it's empty). Just some small area (3-5m), where I just can't place the tool to. It jumps over the small area behind it or left or right it's really stange. I noticed, when I place the cursor before those areas and move the character instead of the mouse I can reach those problematic area. Still, something strange is going one. Regarding the flattening I would concur it is harder the get flat surfaces on other planets. And no matter how flat you make the terrain, the station extension always manages to get somewhat higher or lower as the surfaces you carefully made. It's gotten better since the first public build, but still no what we want. Maybe we need another flattening tool version, one that is always perpendicular to garavity with the height above gravity at the start point. I know, this will not always create absolute smooth surfaces, because the surface curvature is relativly height in this game because the planets are not that big (Barren Planet/Moon especially) but that way even larger bases do not start to ramp up/down. ... And of course, please let the station extension have the same height as we prepare the terrain.
  9. Today I noticed something in the patch notes the devs finally decided to deliver: I need some clarification on that: Are research items supposed to respawn on some conditions? Background I noticed, that under certain circumstances, research items reappeared where I already harvested them. Not always and only If I did not destroyed/unearthed the object providing the research item. Actually since I discovered that, instead of destroying the hole landscape just to get some research items I carfully dig holes beneath the plants, just so, that I can grab the item, but let the object live/stay. After some time I visited again and harvested again. I even avoid extending bases directly besides those plants and I try to drive / build passageways besides larger "farming grounds". Sometimes I even let the gas-attacking plants live just for harvest although it's a little tricky to harvest them without being knocked out. The hole process of running, harvesting. transporting to research bench and open the items is just enough work and time intensive, that I did not consider the fact of respawning exploiting. It's more like farming, in the classical sense of it. It made me also rethink about the placement of bases and more. If now, the respawning is totally disabled I can literally go back to destroying the landscape and revisiting old places is also no longer an option, because why, when everything is harvested and devoid of resources and plants. Well you might already getting a feeling what I actually want: If respawn is disabled, please enable it again. Maybe under some conditions, e.g. once per rotation, or in a certain time or under certain conditions, or whatever, or at least give us a configuration setting allowing some of us to return to the way it was. Or some kind of modding interface, allowing us to bring the feature back. To all who now starts to say: Exploit! Can't be! Bla bla. I don't give a dawn! This is a game and letting in too much realism is just killing the fun. I suggest changing the planet, try The Arid one. Research item farming there is horror because they are so sparse and before you realize, you have a spike ball in your back.
  10. And another update. Lost another truck to the ground, but now I did see why. I can see a world tear right besides where the truck was standing. The tear is probably 1.5 m in height difference, you can see anything close like deposits and so on. If the gavity/physics is calculated with this plane ... no wonder the trucks starts to sink into ground. The height is well over the wheels and therefore assumes it's in the air and the hole vehicle starts falling. Then I tried to modify the terrain and the plain disappeared and the tear with it. The normal terrain appeared again. But still, everything, that was staying on that plain is already under it's way to the center the planet. My guess again is: The physics engine is sometimes using not the correct terrain definition and everything affected by physics calculated with the wrong plain / surface.
  11. Hardcase

    All my collected minerals are gone

    The games removes loose objects especially ressources after some time. The smaller the object, the higher the chance for removal. I stopped that and starting to put resources at least on a storage rack (8 slot modules) and put those on the ground. The only thing that did no disappear so far are artifacts I harvested and dropped somewhere. Maybe they have a higher priority or so.
  12. Hardcase

    How to make a diagonal base , hilarous

    I got a step further, my habitat on the spaceship grounded itself on the starship. I can fly around with the rock under the spaceship plattform, were the tank normally is. I can also land somewhere else, the rock comes with me. Maybe I should try adding more modules, maybe I have the first flying fortress I mean station ^^
  13. I'm sorry to report, but even with the new build 111, as soon as I walk (I even walked, not run) into the my base, all independent objects like rovers and trucks, disconnected 1-seats, storage racks, everything thats not connected to the stations grid starts falling into the ground, as if I have a field around me turning solid ground into quicksand.
  14. Happens in the 109 Build as well.
  15. I'm not sure if it's the same problem, but it happens at the smelter and is somewhat similar. I also had no free slots for all the resulting items the smelter smelted. 1 were okay, but then there was no more slot available and instead of through the result away one of the slots had an incomplete stack. Incomplete stacks are not selectable (reported that already for the crane, which also creates those stacks). Now on smelters there is no workaround for removing incomplete stacks, they just block the slot forever. I already have two slots blocked for aluminium and cooper, one more and the smelter is becomes unusable because I cannot dock a small storage rack any longer. Proposal: If no free slot is available, the smelter should not refine an item or throw the result into the air like it's done with Vehicle Bay and Printer.