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  1. So i already posted this is help, because i was not sure it was a bug but after some answers we concluded that this actually is a bug. Link to the post: http://forum.systemera.net/topic/2989-cant-create-module-out-of-shuttle/ In short: I was not able to create a module out of my shuttle on a different planet. If i need to include some files, i can but i am not sure which files (and where to exactly find them).
  2. Hmm weird... So i started a new world and got to the point where i was able to fly to the moon with a shuttle. This time i was able to create a module from the shuttle. So apparently it is possible and you seem te have to same bug as me. I'll try to post it under the Bugs topic. I am not sure what causes it though
  3. I was able to create a module on my "home" planet as well. What do you mean by exotic planet haha, firt non home planet planet?
  4. Im sorry but did you read the previous comment? Isn't that kinda contradictive... I restarted my pc, and tried again. I even flew back and forth from the base planet, but it still doesn't work
  5. So here are the screenshots of the terrain.
  6. Hello, So i flew to a new planet, which i will call moon since it feels very similar to a moon, using a shuttle. Once i arrived on this moon, i found out i wan't able to create a module from my shuttle. I tried to fly to a new spot, and have flatten the terrain but i still can't build a module. Does anyone know if this is a bug or if this is intended (i doubt it though). If anyone has a fix for this problem, i would love to hear it. If needed i can screenshot the terrain around my shuttle for extra information.