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  1. Buddha

    Im so stuck, literally

    You need to open one surface portal to make the core available to unlock. How did you get there? If you came via the drill express, it might be best if you just die. Sorry. RIP. You can recover everything once you drill down, or make a ramp, later.
  2. RTGs make all other sources of energy redundant. Make half a dozen and you never need to worry about power again. You can even pack them up and take them with you in your backpack.
  3. I assume you mean the hovering sphere with the nodes? 'Odd' that the wiki doesn't name it at all, unless the sphere is actually the odd stone. "When interacting with the Sylva Odd Stone one can see six surface points and a central point. These points represent other surface Gateway Chambers, and the underground Gateway Engine." https://astroneer.gamepedia.com/Odd_Stone
  4. I made about 40 small batteries (I did exploit the battery/scrap bug, I must confess. I was tired of scrounging for resources and wanted to focus on the gateways) and used them to unlock the last 3 planets. I had an RTG on the back and a drill on the front. 32 fit on the large storage and I had some spare on a medium storage. RTGs are certainly very useful because they have infinite power. Whatever does the job is OK. My point was that the small batteries take up a lot less space.
  5. Not that it matters, but... A medium storage full of batteries provides 8U/s compared with an RTG which delivers 4U/s for the same space required. One RTG will supply energy to as many batteries as you have, so 32 batteries (4 medium storage) as opposed to 8 RTGs takes up half the space on the rover (plus one RTG). Which means you can carry a lot of extra stuff (which you probably don't need ;-)). Also, you only a shitload of lithium to craft those batteries, while RTGs require more varied resources and more complex processing.
  6. Once I choose a planet I move sufficient resources with the large shuttle for the unlocking of all gateways. This generally involves about 3 trips (maybe 2 if you're super organised), to carry packaged vehicles, etc. Having finished all planets recently, I could now sit down and plan exactly what I need, making it much more efficient. But things have a habit of going wrong and then you find you need things you weren't expecting. Also, while on the planet, there are specific resources that you might want to collect. I try to set down close to a gateway. Probably a good idea to plant a beacon right away, for when you return. Then I set up my large rover as described above. Once I unlock the first gateway, I try to follow the starmap to locate the others. Remember that the sun rises in the west and the planet rotates clockwise, and that your orientation from space is north pole is on your right. Everything that can be different to Earth is different. When you're ready to do the core, I recommend a tractor with #3drill and a trailer with an RTG. Make sure you carry essentials (most important are two resources for the triptychs in the gate - you need to carry one back for later) if anything goes wrong as you carve your way down. It's highly likely you'll have to vacate the vehicle more than once so make sure you have a soil canister, a light, a battery and an oxygen tank (or two of each). Also take three packagers - for the drill, the RTG and the trailer. Leave the tractor at the core for the oxygen if you come back. Then portal back to your base, and you're done.
  7. That is so cute. I put 32 batteries on a large storage (4 medium storage) and drive up, charge and drive away.
  8. Buddha

    Underground tunneling drill

    The trick with the drill is to use very short bursts. After some practice it works quite well.
  9. One large rover with 32 small batteries still leaves room for a drill, an RTG and 2 medium storage on the back and one next to the driver.
  10. Buddha

    Big Purple things are flying, why?

    I finally realised that keeping the wide stripe of stasr directly over head gets 4 gates lined up (east/west), then drive perpendicular to do the other two. What threw me was that the planet appears vertical on the east/west orientation when you're in the shuttle. I wish they allowed free flight up there. That would be nice. Check out all the planets and land where you like, or at least in the blue marked zones. ................................................ Why such a short time to edit ?
  11. Buddha

    Big Purple things are flying, why?

    Yes, It's a good setup. Drive up, turn on, drive away.
  12. Or will we one day be able to salvage parts and construct or own mother ship?
  13. I imagine running experimental is not worth the trouble, because so many aspects keep changing. How do you keep one bit of new code separate from some other bit of not quite so new code?
  14. Buddha

    The future of astroneer?

    But there is no incentive. The game is increasingly focused on mechanics and processes. I see no sign of encouraging exploration or discovery. In the beginning one was forced to look for seeds and nuts to do research. People had fun building things with the terrain. Now there is a credit/debit limit on terrain 'management'. The game is shrinking before my eyes.