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  1. Y'all really need a way to close this game without saving. It really sucks to get into an untenable position and closing the game just saves the game automatically, making you basically have to suicide or start over. Not cool.
  2. title says it all, take a habitat underground, build a base there and make a trade platform.. shuttle launches right through the ceiling, no problem.
  3. for lack of a better term.. i encounter this situation, often when running down hill, or start from a ledge and fall a little but not much, my astroneer starts to 'surf', gliding along the terrain, you can sort of steer, its weird. not sure if that intended. Sometimes it's interesting, but can be annoying. pushing back on the keyboard, or jumping will put an end to it, but it happens a lot so..
  4. So I was down under ground with my rover and put a tether down for light. Then I drove off. I returned later on foot and when I got in range of the lone tether, i got O2.
  5. I found you can stick the habitation module on your spaceship, and travel as that being your only seat. You can also place it on another world without anchoring it and get in it. However, it doesn't save your game like normal when getting into any habitation module or vehicle seat. Not sure if this is intended or not.
  6. On the Radiated planet, it's really crappy, there seems to NEVER be any wind for wind generation at all, yet, there are storms more frequently there than Terra. Though they never seem to involve debris so who knows what was intended there. It is kinda silly that your wind mills sit motionless while debris is flying by.
  7. So I've been encountering 'partial stacks' when using the drill head/crane setup. You can't seem to select them at all. I've had some fall off the crane. What's really troublesome, is there was one on a storage thing (the small one built at 3D Printer) on my truck with a partial on it, and for some reason it jumped into my backpack when I got on my vehicle. I haven't managed to reproduce that one though. However I have a partial stuck in my backpack I can't select, which kinda sucks. Also in the same theme of that, I have a few stuck to storage modules. I usually just try to put that st
  8. This could almost be a bug, but I felt like it's more of a suggestion: Presently, when you get all the technology available, and continue to acquire research objects to study, when they come up with a technology, you get nothing. Instead of giving nothing when player has all the techs, technology research objects should perhaps yield a common resource (resin, compound, aluminum ore, copper ore.) Could be any commonly found item really (Energy and/or Oxygen, too?), just feels cheap to get nothing at all, some pittance of a reward for the research objects would be nice. In fact, you
  9. Instead of the current implementation of the Trade Platform which allows you to arbitrary trade anything for anything... do this instead: Make a trade vessel dock at the trade platform periodically, carrying a limited supply of a selection of resources. Leave trade rates as they are. Player can trade WHILE the ship is docked, and only get what is available. Trade ships leave after hanging out for some small duration (5 minutes? Less?), and a new one will come eventually (30 minutes? An hour?) Maybe a 2 minute warning would be issued to the player when a trade ship is approaching, so