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  1. Update number 2: I found all of my storage. It also fell through the ground and ended up in a cave below my base. I got lucky digging around under my base and stumbled on it all.
  2. Update on this: I noticed when I was in my shuttle in space that a 3 dot marker (which I think means a vehicle) was showing up on the map around where my truck would have been. On landing that marker went away. I then went down into a cave near my base and what did I find? My truck! I had a heck of a time digging a road up from the cave to the surface. Long story short - my truck well through the ground and ended up a 20 feet below stuck in a cave. Still no sign of my rover though.
  3. I had established my first base and had built out a number of structures, along with 2 full storage things (the ones you make on the printer), a rover and a truck. The storage things were placed on the ground next to my base and the truck and rover were parked nearby, though not actually hooked up to a structure. Once I managed to build a shuttle I hopped over to a spot on the other side of the planet to set up a secondary base and spent a while over there (a few hours over a couple of sessions). Today I flew my shuttle back to my main base and my storage units, all the materials they hel