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  1. So I was walking on the planet radiated not paying attention when I heard a growl and was sinking into a deadly plant. I had some stuff I wanted back so I tried looking into the plant to get my stuff... didn't work, I tried digging under the plant... didnt work, then finally I got some dynamite to try and blow the thing up... didn't work. Is there anyway to get your stuff from those deadly things?
  2. Xblade

    Destroying Vehicles

    Currently there is no option to destroy a vehicle. The dynamite might work but i have not tried it.
  3. I have an idea for a creative mode that is similar to Minecraft. You can have a central menu with all of the ores and maybe rovers, shuttles, etc.. But we can still keep some survival aspects such as to use things like the printer, fuel condenser, ect. you still need to have power. This is just an idea and feel free to add anything you like.
  4. Xblade

    About the multiplayer

    I do believe both players need to have the full version
  5. I do believe the beta had something to do with fixing this
  6. I went to go and play ASTRONEER and forgot to go back online on steam. Every time I tried to load a world the game crashed.
  7. Xblade

    Help with joining a friend please

    I have problems with this to and a moderator told me that it has something to do with the netcode and how it needs improvements. Soon we will be able to join others without inconvenience.
  8. Xblade

    Steam Multiplayer

    Ok thanks alot
  9. Xblade

    HELP MY!!!!!

    You should be able to put the seat back on the rover.
  10. Xblade

    Steam Multiplayer

    The other day I joined my friends game and we played for most of the day. Today I try to join his game but it just kicks me out or something. My friend loads in, I hit join game and it starts to load. After about a minute of looking at the "this is a pre-alpha" I am back at my world selection.
  11. Xblade


    Ok thanks
  12. Xblade


    Can a shuttle place more than one base?
  13. All you have to do to fix this is put the items back in your backpack.
  14. After about 10-30 minutes of play the game freezes randomly and does not recover.