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  1. as far as the PvP, maybe would be just one entire planet similar to pluto or something very hostile and dead looking. but to have it on a different planet for flawless drop in drop out pvp similar to the division where there will be just one safe zone when you land, then you walk out into the war torn hell lol. very cool idea would love to see it added
  2. Just to add on to what everybody is saying, love the ideas btw, would be nice to have just one big storage platform. maybe just one platform with empty nodes for storage tables to lay on, say, 3 or 4 per platform? would be nice for all the random extra resources I don't know what to do with. its a pain to lay the storage out somewhere possibly having to move stuff around just to lay it out, then load it up with stuff, and move back. would just help for the extra organized/OCD gamers like myself lol. But to add on to the supplies being brought back to base, maybe like a little trolly cart that
  3. love the real science tie in right there. youd think the titanium would be used for shielding rather than an O2 tank
  4. I like the idea, maybe would open up some rewards for helping each little group/'tribe' you come across, maybe one will have broken huts that you need to repair before working with them, or maybe show them the magic of power, or whatever else the creative mind could come up with. In return for knowledge of local resources, cave systems, rare deposits? Maybe even small little customization options for the character such as painted suits or different material/style of suits. But nothing over complicated to keep the interactions enjoyable. Also would be cool to have trade system worked with them,
  5. I totally agree that it needs to be reworked. rather than just building the single unit out of 2 resource, maybe have multiple parts to research for advanced stations? Some parts could be used for multiple stations and some parts would be station specific? But, from what I have been getting from other forums and game reviews is that they are planning on having more planets and maybe even solar systems to choose from? SO, with only some planets having certain resources, I don't think the fuel condenser is a bad idea. They should take out being able to trade fuel once you have a condenser built,
  6. You are able to build a trade platform, it would be very cool to add in some kind of customization package flown down. change colors of suits, terraform gun, vehicles, have multiple outfit pieces for each 4 style of astroneer, also paint option for home structures and extensions, leading to possible dye resource items to look out for or add to plants, and if you were feeling generous, maybe even a paint terraform option for those that like to go the extra mile building structures with the terraform gun? obviously not priority but would love to see the little custom detail in the future.
  7. I was exploring some of the other planets, not sure which one Is yellow with the spike balls that come flying through, but they don't show on 2nd players screen. I can see them to warn him where they are coming from but they will still kill or hurt him if hes hit. Also noticed this happens with cave systems? on one players screen there will be a cave system but not for the other, any kind of constructing or deconstructing will cause the cave system to disappear.