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  1. Need friends to play with on steam!! Add me: Mutantmarine
  2. mutantmarine

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Everyone, the HABITAT is the bug! Do not attach a habitat to your rover or truck or this will happen!
  3. mutantmarine

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I believe the problem is the habitat connected to the cars. The same thing happened to me although I don't have the large storage. I had one truck and one rover attached to each other and the habitat was the only thing on the truck (nothing was on the rover). I logged out, and when I logged back in, the truck and rover were glitching out, flying and rotating in circles with the land mass. If I touched the land mass, i fell through the ground and glitched out myself. Very unfortunate... This doesn't happen when I have just storage, solar panels, batteries, etc. Only the habitat.
  4. I'm playing on Steam. So I created a new habitat because my last one got landlocked. Okay, I go to make a trade platform and vehicle station. I put in aluminum and go to build but there's no build button. I click the air everywhere around where it 'should' be, and it begins building the station. Then after it's built, there's no arrows to cycle through what choice I want to build from the platform. As seen in the pic.
  5. Yeah that's what happened to me... and I couldn't build a new vehicle platform because I was landlocked
  6. I don't know if this is a thing because I haven't gotten very far but it'd be great if rovers attached to each other. Like 3 of them connected together like a train. Would be great for storage, etc.
  7. Yes vehicle recycler too! I just built a spaceship with storage but no seat and now its useless...... ;/
  8. I built my base not knowing you have to add more than one portion(new platform) on every arm of the base so now I'm stuck with only 4 platforms. I can't create anymore... Can you please make it so you can destroy your platforms so that if this happens, it can be easily fixed? If you don't add this feature, I'm pretty screwed... See attached pic. Thanks.