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  1. My friend is the host (through Steam). And about the pillars that are supposed to be up before you start charging them to make them go down (and unlock the gateway)... before I charged them, they were all down on my screen. I could literally walk through the center of it, but i couldnt place items in it, they would glitch and then "float" in the air. My friend says they see the pillars up beforehand, but for some reason I didn't. All of the pillars instantly shot up the moment I started to charge it. I'm kind of curious if stuff like this has anything to do with the situation at hand here. Though of course, this is multiplayer, and it sounds like many people have had the death bug on single player too. No clue about any of this, but it sounds like gateways are super buggy and have been for a long time. And as it was said before, it really does discourage us from using the gateways until this is fixed.
  2. Update: Bug still happens to this day, north Sylva gateway, multiplayer with my friend and killed me. Happened when I teleported there from another gateway and again when I ran over to it to collect my stuff.