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  1. I'm setting up a server on my local network so that kids and I can play. I was having trouble getting it to start, and finally realized what the problem was. I was setting the IP address to the local IP ( instead of the public internet address exposed by my router. This also required me to open a hole in the router firewall. Once I did that, it worked fine. I'm calling this a bug because this is not a good way to implement this feature. There will be nobody connecting from outside, so it does not need to be accessible from outside. It also requires a hole in the firewall, which is an attack surface. Plus, since I do not have a static IP, there is a chance that the external IP address can change, requiring me to edit the configuration on the server, and on the clients. I'm not sure why it was implemented this way. I've installed a couple other game servers (Minecraft, Terraria) and they work just fine using the local IP. Please fix this.