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  1. Prior to the missions update, I would have a couple o2 tanks, three small wind turbines, and a battery to support the portable oxygenator. Two of the small turbines would be on the terrain tool (not sure if it is a bug that they work there). The qt rtg reduces that figure to just a portable oxygenator and a qt rtg. I was able to acquire both prior to getting o2 tanks. I'd complain about that making things too easy, but tether spam already did. Same case with the new compass. On the plus side, I do not need to wreck my performance with tether spam anymore.
  2. Apparently I can work around this issue by saving/reloading the game after moving underground.
  3. I have this issue too on the latest non-beta steam build. Sometimes it sorts itself out, but today is one of those days when it did not, even after multiple reloads and even a restart of the whole game. I hope this old issue gets resolved in the next patch.