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  1. I think that it would be really cool if the vehicle you were in changed it’s paint job to match your current suit palette. This could maybe also carry over to things like platforms and storages, and change them from the white and orange. Sorry if this idea’s already been said, but I haven’t seen it.
  2. Hey guys, So I’ve activated all the cores, but I wanna try and get all the achievements and get the gold suit. After i put the last Geometric Tryptich on the satellite thing, will it totally end the game? Like will I still be able to play on the same save? Thanks!
  3. I did a little digging through the discussions, and found this thread, looks like I’m not the only one.
  4. Whenever I try to run around on Atrox, I get stuck a ton. I can fix it by jumping, but it’s kind of tedious to constantly be jumping. Is there any way to fix this? (I tried reloading the save and it didn’t work.) Has this happened to any of you guys?
  5. So I’m on Atrox, and I don’t really want to drive around the whole planet activating the gateway chambers. Once I activate the first one, is it possible for me to go straight down to the core and enable the teleportation with the hydrogen? Bc the wiki said you only need one active to get to the gateway engine. Thanks!!