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  1. Dedicated server hosted from home has achievements disabled, ive tried to host one for my friends before on my other computer only to notice neither me or they getting any achievements when connected (unless this was a bug, we didnt fiddle around with it after). Didnt knew about also its has crossplay disabled too, thats sad :( Also thanks for the link but im not looking for renting a server only to be able to just play with ONE of my friend who also has the game on PC so its not even really a "crossplay" thing, that makes no sense, i rather just buy the game for them on Steam lol. Plus i did put up the suggestion for obvious reasons. Invite keys should be a thing in this game already if not for true crossplay but at last for people who has the game on the same platform just from different stores in this case Microsoft store and Steam.
  2. After yesterday when a friend of mine mentioned he would like to play Astroneer with me but turned out we just simply cant because he has it from the microsoft store on PC, and i have it on Steam, i was wondering why the game does not have an ingame friend list yet for such purpose or the most simple thing would be an invite key where i could generate an invite key and someone else use the said key to join in my game, lot of other multiplayer game has this simple solution for cross platform. Oh and yes, either me or my friend could host a dedicated server but the problem with that its turns off the achievements for some silly reason :( and paying for an official dedicated server is just would be silly if we could play together for free.