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  1. You need at least one Gateway Chamber activated
  2. But boat's woude be for crossing rivers
  3. Nope you didn't, and that is a bad idea
  4. Or when you activate cores with a tractor and you forgot the resource, I did that one time then activating Desolo, I forgot zinc and had to reload the save
  5. No how the robo pet would fit in a small shuttle
  6. Well water in game would be funny, but the can be hydrazine color
  7. Also water in game would be funny.
  8. Maybe more slots in backpack.
  9. But what about in shuttles, like the small shuttle.
  10. Please add rain to the game with lightnings.
  11. I'm also playing on Xbox One, but on patch 1.19 and the camera is worst when moving shutlles.